ooh new shoes

  1. well, new to me! pressie from DH as i was having lots of stress at work! i think they look really elegant and old money! now all i need is the occasion to wear them - not really going to Starbucks with the baby!
    IMG_0584.JPG IMG_0585.JPG
  2. I say slap those babies on and go to Starbucks. Of course watch for spills. They are too beautiful to be at home! Enjoy them!
  3. Gorgeous! And wear them everywhere! Hermes shoes rock as far as comfort! Those would look great with jeans...and suede is easier to clean than most people think...ou just need a good suede brush...
  4. Oooo ... heels!
  5. Wow, they are fabulous. Loafers vamped to the max.
    You can wear them anywhere, with anything! What a nice dh.
  6. Love them! Perfect with jeans!
  7. yep! he is well trained. ony problem now is after a year of schelepping round in flat shoes and Quick trainers, need to build up my heel tolerance!
  8. Loverrrly !!!! I'm sure you're going to look a million dollars in them (not that you don't already, mind you!!) but heels always add up to the glam ;) . What the heck, wear them to Starbucks!! People here in Mexico actually dress up to go there lol !
  9. I love those. Yum.

    If Dh ever went out on a limb and bought me a pair of shoes I'd pass out from the shock. Nice hubby!! :smile:
  10. They are FANTABULOUS!! :yes:
  11. Those are fabulous! What a sweet DH!
  12. Love them! And I agree with the ladies that they would look fantastic with jeans.
  13. Fabulous! You can wear both of those so many places. Congrats and wear them in happiness!:smile:
  14. those are gorgeous!
  15. Yummy... must go to the H store to look at their shoes... Congrats!