Ooh my outlet mall is giving away FREE COACH every hour from 12 am -noon

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  1. I was on the fence about going just as the news segment came on... the first few hundred people get goody bags with 5 $500 gift certificates among them, and then you enter your name for the Coach drawing. There's already 2 people in line, lmao. It's only 6 here.
  2. I am so there but I'm not going to go until 10pm
  3. Mom wants to go now :huh:
  4. holy shizzle. thats alot!! I wanna go!!
  5. Wow!:yahoo: Good luck. I hope you get one of those $500 gift cards. It's 6pm in Ca. If I do go. I'll be there at 10pm. I'm still not sure if I'm going :shrugs:
  6. Wow, lucky! Too bad I can't be there.
  7. go! go! go! bring a warm coat and have fun!
  8. I'm leaving at 5am, so I should be there by 6..

    but so should 6000 other people lol.
    godamn woodburys popularity.
  9. you all must post your finds. I'm not going.:crybaby:
  10. yes do show us what you guys get! i am so envious! have fun!
  11. Oh dear was this an experience. So we got there at 8 and waited in line for the goody bag and to enter the drawing for the purse/$100. By the time we got out of there- 12:05? The line for Coach had to be more than 100 people. They were letting them in 2 at a time, keeping it at something like 20 the whole time, I think. All I saw through the windows was 20% off signs. I was NOT going to stand there for only 20% after sitting outside in the cold for 4 hours.
    My goody bag that I waited 4 hours for? A bottle of water, a pencil, pen, candle, granola bar, some little ornaments, a Carter's pin and tons of crappy coupons. Mom's bag was better, with perfume samples, pepridge farm stuff, crystal Peanut's ornaments and... SHOE POLISH. (wtf)
    Oh well. Have to do everything in life at least once, right? The waiting part wasn't so bad as there were some pretty entertaining people in front of us. Many hours later I can finally start feeling my toes.

    I didn't want to leave empty handed, so I grabbed some clothes at Old Navy for my date tomorrow and mom was nice enough to wait in line for an hour and a half for me. Oddly enough, my "best friend" since kindergarten ran into her there with her cousin.
  12. ^^ Wow! I would hate to wait 4 hours and come back home with nothing.:crybaby: