Ooh la la! Pretty!

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  1. Very cute! I love Marc :love:
  2. I loooooooooove this bag! I love all of the MJ quilted bags, like Chanel, but with a trendy twist that the pockets and hardware adds.
  3. Really don't like that, its something my 48 year old mum used to wear with matching shoes!

    I can't get into the whole metalic trend at all - Whats wrong with me! Does everyone like it?
  4. I've seen the real thing.. It's too small for me, and it's not impressive for a clutch
  5. I hate the whole metallic trend too. Makes me want to gag! But then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Right? :weird: Then again maybe they are blind! :lol: LOL ! Sorry don't kill me guys!
  6. I'm not big on metallic for day or for large bags, but for an evening bag I like it. I think this one is very cute.
  7. I said this in another thread - I bot one and sold it - It just isn't me - I hear that if you can afford a metallic Paddington or Le Dix -you change your mind about it - but that won't be happending with me - I have a wondeful BE&D with a thick metallic gold/pink studded strap and that will have to do I think - although I still look.
  8. for anyone that is interested...this bag is 30% off at bloomingdales :smile: and there is also a 15% off on all purchases over $250
  9. Woo hoo! I'm heading over there now!
  10. Darn, they didn't have it in gold, only in black and white. I even called the local NM, and they didn't get it in in gold either.
  11. I like the gold. I actually still don't have a metallic bag, and this one is so cute. But I hope I can track it down!
  12. I just gave in and ordered one from NM. They did have the gold online. Saying a little prayer that I don't get that bill until the end of the month!!! This is officially the most expensive handbag I've ever bought!
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