Ooh La La, le Birkin sighting at Porte Clignancourt!

  1. My Boyfriend was in Paris this weekend, and teased me with this picture of a lovely montage of vintage Hermes and Chanel bags at the Levenez-Antiquité Boutique storefront, located at Porte Clignancourt....:girlsigh:

    The Birkin is 35cm, gold, Ardenne leather, gold hardware...5500 Euros...just lovely!


  2. Great pix!
  3. Gorgeous!
    I have a dumb question, though...I thought a new Birkin in Paris was only about that price? Somehow I had it in my head that they cost about a thousand less at FSH than they do here in the states.
  4. Ohhhh just did a little search on Ardenne on the board...apparently it's a discontinued leather! I'm sure the Birkin there is a rare one indeed...
  5. oooh la la!!!
    Thanks for this droolfest!!!
  6. OMG *plonk* what a glimpse into heaven, but isn't that about 11,000 US dollars? and what is that kelly in the middle do you think, not the rouge/red one but the browny one?
  7. Thank you for the great pic!
  8. Great pics!
  9. What fantastic pics. Thank you for sharing!I love the little french doll she is so cute,And of course I love the bags!
  10. oo very nice!
  11. Thanks for the great pics! That Birkin is gorgeous!
  12. What a sweet boyfriend you have! Thanks for sharing those pictures.
  13. Great picture :drool: Thanks for posting! Gives me hope to find THE BAG in just a couple a days in Paris.
  14. Gorgeous display!
  15. Gorgeous display! Thank you for sharing the pictures.