Ooh La La.... a Big Orange Box! My First H Has Arrived!

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  1. :yahoo: :party: :drinks: :drinkup: :party: :yahoo:

    Hopefully I tell stories as well as some of the other ladies revealing on this board! :graucho:

    To put it as eloquently as Vlad did....

    Baow Chicka Baow Baow...!
  2. hahahaa!! Congrats Sarah, I cant wait to see pictures!!!
  3. Congratulations!
  4. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    S ~ I Think I'm More Excited Than You!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    :heart: u gurly ~ Can't Wait!!!!!!
  5. :wlae::yahoo::wlae::yahoo:Congrats! Can't wait for the pics!
  6. yayyy...tell the wholee story starting from your foot thru the door to the model pics...
  7. Ooh goodie! I hope that will be me someday! Congrats!

    **I was in razorback land all last week! I'd move there if it wasn't for the lack of shopping!
  8. Imagine, if you will, a cold, crisp, cloudy afternoon in late autumn.

    A young woman sits in her office, gazing out at the graveyard Midwestern sky. Her green eyes are dreamy. She does not see the lovely fall colours; does not hear her coworkers laughing down the hall; does not smell fresh coffee brewing. No, this young woman with the stars in her eyes dreams of horses running wild, hears the splashing water of the Trevi fountain, and smells fresh leather, hand-tooled by famous artisans. She is seeing orange.

    Lunctime comes, and she knows that her newest family member is supposed to arrive. She races home before a Conservation Society luncheon, hoping against hope that the slip will be on her door to take to pick up her baby. Burning the wheels off her Trailblazer, she turns onto her street-- and her breath catches in her throat. He is standing at her door, holding her greatest dream in his hands, a hero in black and purple. She could almost kiss him!

    And so she goes to the luncheon, that big box tucked comfortably in the back of her SUV. And she waits, listening to Wal-Mart sustainability initiatives, eating pork tenderloin. She tastes nothing, sees nothing, hears nothing. Her attention is riveted to that shining blue machine in the parking lot and the box that lays within.

    When she finally is free of her commitments, she races back to the office and carefully places that beloved box on a chair, a throne for her beauty. Her hands tremble as a knife slices heartlessly through tape with a "swish".....

  9. She recklessly wrenches aside wrappings that protected her treasure on the long journey home. Her hands are shaking, her breath coming quickly as she glimpses a hint of orange and unmistakeable bolduc ribbon...

  10. AND?????:wtf: (jk--I'm so excited for you!!!!!!)
  11. ahhh keep going! amazing writing!!
  12. gimme more ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ oh yeah by the way Congratulation's
  13. She steps back for a moment, her hand to her heart, eyes closing with a sigh as the beauty before her just overwhelms her. The box seems to glow from within, making everything around it lackluster and gray. A halo, if you will...

  14. OOOHHHHH..can't wait to see her!!!! YAY!!!!
  15. OMG! It's wrapped like it just came from the store! How exciting!!!!! :nuts: