Ooh, just got a compliment on my Dooney!

  1. I just got a compliment on my Dooney (large-quilt double pocket tote in cream & honey) in the elevator in my office building. She said it looked very sharp! That really perks up my day.:smile:

    Don't you love when that happens.
  2. awww! I love to get compliments on my bags. :heart:
  3. yay! so glad you're makin a hit with your lovely bag!
  4. Well, of course you received a compliment...it's a great bag!
  5. Thats so nice. I love when other people notice my bags.
  6. I ALWAYS make it a point to compliment a great bag! It feels great to receive a compliment, so it is so important to me to give one! (Although, I LOVE it when I get a look like, uh, DUH!!)
  7. I love that bag!
  8. It makes me feel great to get compliments, too...and my Dooneys get more compliments than any of my other bags. So I'm always looking to add to my collection!

  9. i definatley comment on ppls bags wherever i am. i could really care less about peoples responses to me, positive or negative. i always make sure if i see a bag that deserves a compliment, that bags gets the compliment. i've had some great convos with ladies in the grocery store. i've gotten some goofy looks too, but i like when people compliment me so i return the favor to the rest of the world!
  10. I usually always get compliments on my bags, especially the croc ones.

    They are quite striking in person: I have the double pocket satchel in Honey, the large circle in wheat, the medium circle in amber, the extra large hobo in british tan, the large hobo in t'moro...I think there's another croc but I can't remember right now.

    What's funny is that I usually get more compliments,across the board, on my Dooneys (crocs) than I do on my Coach unless the person is an absolute coach lover.

    Though there was that time when I walked into a coach outlet with the legacy pockettote slung across myself and all the SAs blathered and gushed about the beauty of the bag.
    One of them even asked, "Are you famous? I've only seen stars with that bag!" :wlae:

    I told her that while I do sing, I'm not a household name.:jammin:
  11. Same here! :yes: I get more compliments from my Coach and Dooneys than I do my LVs. :sweatdrop:
  12. Ooh, YAY, another Coach, Dooney & LV person. My 3 favorites!
  13. yeah! my MIL always compliments me on my dooneys!