Ooh Jeans Moyen! Might Paddy Capsule come in it?

  1. Ooh Jeans Moyen where have you been all my life?! *drool* :drool:

    I really hope the Paddington Capsule comes in that color! I would definitely choose that one.

    I want one. *Pout* LOL!


    If not I might buy a regular paddy in it anyway. Doh *smacks head* Chloe is dangerous!!

    Don't tell me it's similar to mousse in a way, 'cause I've wanted this colour all along I just didn't quite know it was Jeans Moyen!

    Maybe if I do that I'll talk myself out of the Capsule. Do you think that's possible? Ha.
  2. Blue jeans moyen is my favorite paddy color. There was just one or two up on eBay, I'm doubtful that the capsule will come in that color.
  3. Yeah. OK I need to decide then. A blue jeans moyen regular paddy, or a capsule? I NEED HELP AND QUICK --- eBay's calling and needs my answer - he he.
  4. Ooh I kind of like Mocha with silver hardware. Very classy.

    I've already decided it's the rouge to go, and if I decide to let chocolate go, I'd just ALSO get a jeans through eBay... But I don't think right now I do want to let it go...
  5. There are 3 up on ebay now, I'd buy the satchel. I doubt you will see the capsule, but possibly you could contact a Chloe SA and see if they have any idea what colors will be done for the capsule. The blue jeans was a spring color as I recall, so that may enter into the picture as we are looking at fall/winter bags now. The one I like on ebay is:
    I shouldn't be saying that because I'm giving serious consideration to getting a second one, I love mine so much I can't contemplate something happening to it and not being able to replace it.