Ooh! Exclusive Hawaii Pics From Chanel Sa!!!!

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  1. Well.....I waitlisted for this dark silver sharpei(in the last 2 pics I posted below)...but Im rethinking it as I thought it would be LESS metallic looking(Jill doesnt do metallics...LMAO!)Still unsure ..what do u guys think..LOVE the style of the bag ...But if its shiny ..I get retchy...LOL...I dunno know,I just dont like metallics.I was hoping this color would b like the KHAKI baby cabas(More brown lookin than metallic)KWIM?
    ANYWHOHOW,Here are some pics my SA sent for u all to enjoy.
  2. BTW...went to NYC yesterday and met with a PFer for shopping in SOHO.Went to CHANEL store in SOHO...it was disappointing!LOL!Hardly any good stock..alot of last season...Only one new expandable....barely any shoes too......Gotta hit the other NYC CHANELS..hehe..NEXT TIME!(Did all my damage in Prada ...hehe)
  3. Wow! I do love exotics--but not 5 digits worth : )
  4. I like it! It may be the flash and the store lights blingin it out, you will see soon when it comes, still ordering it right?
  5. Thanks for the pics Jill!!! I am the exact opposite hehee, I LOVE the colour but the Sharpey just doesn't do anything for me! :p
  6. OMG. That metallic is TDF!!! I normally don't go for metallics, but this color and the reissues are exceptions! I need to go to the Honolulu boutique this week to take a look. :drool:
  7. I use STUART ING at the WAIKIKI boutique
  8. OMG Jill! That purse is TDF! How much was that one again? Oooh and the Chanel scarf is cute, do you know how much that one is? TIA!
  9. anyone else notice they spelled it Shar Pei. . . like the dog? LOL!

    The first bag is gorgeous! I likle the Sharpey in silver a lot!
  10. You're right!!! That's too funny...

    Jill, thanks for posting the pics...
  11. I've never been to the Waikiki boutique, how sad is that? lol. I only ever go to the Ala Moana one. Have to stop by there one of these days!
  12. Swanky's right...that first bag is gorgeous! I like the sharpie, but not my favorite. I love the scarf also!
  13. I agree - too metallic for me as well...I know a lot of you love metallics...but I think they aren't classic enough to spend a lot on...
  14. I love the Waikiki boutique, there pretty similar though, I think maybe a bit bigger than Ala Moana.... the girls are always very nice there!
  15. I LOVE this sharpei, but I agree with Jill on the color.......boo. Are they going to come out with any others?