Ooh er - shop in France won't refund!

  1. Oh heck. I bought a e/w gauffre satchel in Jean Charles in Nice last week. Got it home & decided it wasn't for me. I've since posted it back and have been waiting for my £1k refund. I rang them today to chase it up and was told they NEVER refund.
    So, they now have the bag back. I'm in the UK and they are being decidedly difficult about refunding me.
    What would you do?? Advice please!
  2. Sarajane... Gulp! No refund!? Did you speak with the manager? If you did, I'd wait a day or so and call the manager again and explain and ask again.

    Are they at least offering a store credit? Worst case scenario, you will fall madly in love with a new fall bag that you must have and you'll be able to get it from them with your credit... but I'm sure you were hoping to get your $$$ refund :sad: Yikes. I'm sorry and I hope this works out for you!
  3. Hi Minette - Yes I'm waiting for the manager to call me back. They will do an exchange but I'm scared of buying a bag sight unseen. I do remember they had the e/w (antic cervo?) satchel in camel (not the gauffre) and it did look lovely, so I may end up exchanging for that if I can't get a refund. This will teach me to be less impulsive when buying bags!
  4. Be warned - if you buy from a French shop there is no returning an item. They will only give a store credit or exchange. I have now arrange an exchange - the Prada e/w antik cervo satchel in naturale in the larger size at 1470 euros. I'm joining the antik cervo gang!!
  5. ^THATS WEIRD..They told me that I could send a bag back if I didnt like it..for a full refund..BUT that was over a year ago..I kept everything I bought though....

  6. They were most put out when I returned the bag and said the English might refund but the French certainly didn't!
    I was going to argue the call and insist on a refund but we've sorted it out now - it's taken dozens of phone calls but I'm exchanging it for the antik cervo e/w satchel in naturale - the larger size. I saw it and loved it while I was there but had decided it was a black bag I needed. Now I've got the black Coffer so this will be a lovely neutral bag. What a palaver though!