Ooh! Epi Trunk On Ebay!

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  1. Has any of you seen this!

    Black SO Epi Trunk

    The seller didn't post any pics of the LV stamp, datecode, or any thing else that might help authenticating this piece.
  2. nice piece if its authentic.
  3. i like it.
  4. :heart: :heart: :love: :love:
  5. That's gorgeous, it looks so sleek !
  6. yikes, the original special order price tag sure is steep.. I think i'd rather get a new car
  7. wow its beautiul!
  8. :love: GORGEOUS! :love:
  9. nice
  10. :lol: I agree 100%
  11. WOW!! eye-boggling gorgeous.

    Someday I hope to own a LV trunk!
  12. wow, that is nice, i have never seen one in epi before.
  13. absolutely gorgeous. his about section is kind of weird though.
  14. :amazed: :love: :love: Even though it's gorgeous, I still prefer the monogram canvas in trunks- much more durable.
  15. It is stunningly gorgeous if it is real (but the pictures are a bit too far away, detail-wise, to tell 100%).
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