oo_let_me_see's collection...

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  1. I'm so glad I was able to finally get all the girls together for the photo shoot. It wasn't easy you know! First Black City started to grow weary and began slouching..."sit up straight" I told her and then stuffed her with more tissue. Next Jumbo Flap got bored and fell right over on her face, (1 cosmopolitans too many I presume, the lush!). Then I had to get the white glove out to handle (new and unused) Retro, the Prima Donna that she is! Finally the Twins (Tan and Red Prada frames) wanted to be separated so they could each be appreciated individually. lol!!! So here they are:

    Balenciaga: Rouge VIF Box, Ink Purse, Black City

    Louis Vuitton: Pink Cherry Blossom Retro, Mono Speedy 30, Mono Klara, Ambre PM

    Chanel: Black Caviar Clutch, Black Caviar Jumbo Flap, Black/Black Patent Cambon Large Tote

    Prada: Black Nylon Tote, Jacquard Frame Red Trim, Jacquard Frame Tan Trim, Jacquard Frame Python Trim

    Gucci: Signature Tote Brown Trim

    Extra: Sonya Bitton Satin Clutch Diamond Clasp

    collection 007 400x299.jpg collection 012 400x299.jpg collection 010 400x299.jpg collection 015 300x400.jpg
  2. love your chanel and bakenciaga--great collection!! thanks for posting :heart:
  3. i love the chanel clutch, you've got great taste.
  4. Love your collection!!! Love your LV cherry blossom retro!!! It's my all time favorite line!!!
  5. great collection!
  6. Love the chanels
  7. here are some more pics.
    collection 013 400x299.jpg collection 016.jpg
  8. Wonderful collection!:love: Thank you for sharing. I am absolutely in LOVE with your CHANEL clutch and red Balenciaga. Nice to see mono Klara as well (you don't see them that often).
  9. Thank you everyone! My collection has evolved over the last 6 months. With the expection of the satin clutch, Gucci tote, and Prada nyton tote...everything is pretty new. Now it's time to stop for a loooonnnngggg time! lol
  10. Lovely collection!!!
  11. Great collection!
  12. I love all your handbags!!! esp.. your chanel babies ;)
  13. Your Chanel and LV bags are TDF!!! I am MADLY in love with the Chanel Bucket, LV Klara, and LV Monogram Ambre Bucket MM!
  14. Very nice, I am glad you got a rouge vif!
  15. Thanks rosie! I found it at Aloha Rag. Yeah!