Oo SO Ellipse on Ebay.

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  1. Oohhh, that's beautiful!
  2. Can you imagine what that would look like with a patina? I'd be scared to own it though.
  3. its so pretty but id be frightened to get it dirty.
  4. Yea i know!
    I wouldnt get one, I'm so scared it would get scratched or dirty.
  5. It's been on eBay since last year. Probably coz no one's that brave to buy it! I'd love an SO but not one that I'd be crazy over everytime I use it :tdown:
  6. Wow, vachetta ellipse :nuts: but how to carry it without got it stain or watermark?? I can't afford my MC Alma kept clean without waterstain place on the bottom so I don't think I can do with this...
  7. a beautiful bag :nuts: thanks for the info.
  8. No way. I would dirty that thing in no time. :tdown:
  9. ;) :lol:
  10. that is my nightmare bag I don't like patina so that you'd have to carry around in a see through bag so nothing ever touches it LOL