oo, come look at my first pair of Manolos!

  1. Aren't they pretty? They are half a size too big, but I figure at $200.75 (down from original price of $575), I can bare it and get some inserts! lol I love them, so comfy!
    manolo.jpg manolo2.jpg manolo3.jpg
  2. They are so pretty! :heart:
  3. They're lovely!
  4. Those are pretty. I don't think I've ever seen those. Congrats!
  5. They are from Saks. I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get them, because my SA said there was only 2 left in the company...and of course they put in a request and don't know if it ever gets filled. It did! Yeah!
  6. Wow great price and adorable...
    you lucky gal..
  7. Beautiful.
  8. Gorgeous and great deal too! :smile:
  9. wow!!! love that pattern, congrats!