Onto the next bag...give me your thoughts

  1. So I thought I posted this yesterday but I guess I didn't hit submit. :upsidedown: I am thinking of my next purchase, as usual DH thinks I'm nuts! So I can save for either possibilities the Tivoli pm and Pomme Vernis Sunset Boulevard or the Manhattan GM. What do you all think? I know it's 2 bags instead of 1, but I'm ok with either way. So pass on your opinions! TIA!
  2. i love the manhattan!
  3. Manhattan GM ... so chic and timeless!
  4. I'd say Manhattan..
  5. Pomme and Tivoli!! The Manhattan is quite heavy.. and I adore the two other bags!
    Pomme will be so fresh for spring and summer!
    Best of luck with your decision and make sure you let us know what you decide! :tup:
  6. Ditto!:tup:
  7. Manhattan! A classic LV bag. I see one regularly (at my grocery store, lol!) that has the most beautiful patina and I love it! This is part of the reason I just bought my Manhattan PM. I am petite and the GM was just too big on me so I went for the PM but I love the GM, too.
  8. manhattan.. but personally I prefer the pm size
  9. Manhattan
  10. The manhattan is stunning.
  11. Manhattan! It's sooo classy and beautiful!
  12. Manhattan GM. It's beautiful
  13. Pomme Sunset Blvd and Tivoli! The Manhattan GM is really big and looks clunky to me and I dont like that wraparound strap/belt thing lol! I agree that Tivoli and Sunset Blvd. will be so cute and fresh for summer!
  14. Manhattan!!! buy big now and small later :graucho:
  15. Manhattan GM, so classy!