OnTheGo color: reverse mono or creme/khaki?

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  1. I have a question to you all lovelies: I own both the creme/khaki and reverse mono version of OnTheGo but am not sure if I should keep both - I already have the Dior Book Tote (Toile de Jouy) and think I might have spent too much on large tote bags... any thoughts? Thank you for all your input!
  2. I think you'll use the Reverse more and all year long. The kaki is perhaps more a Summer bag.
    But if the Onthego is perfect for you, you should keep both :smile:
  3. Thanks! I thought the same about the color - originally I ordered reverse mono but when I found the kaki online I just can't resist - it is such a beautiful summer color for a vacation on the beach! I thought about finding a different item with this color, but I ordered too late; by then the only two other options I have with the kaki color would be the beach bag (not a PVC fan) or the bumbag (not my style). That said, due to the big logo I couldn't bring the OTG to work, and three big bags are probably an overkill...
  4. I understand your dilemma, but won't you have regrets letting the kaki go ?
    Again, if the Onthego is "your" bag and suits you (it's not my case, too big) keep both.
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  5. Another vote for the reverse. I saw both at the boutique and the reverse just felt more sturdy and hearty. The Giant colors were more shiny and felt thinner. Plus the reverse can be year round.
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  6. I am also with reverse.
  7. Reverse all the way, can be used all year round for many different purposes. Keep the reverse and let the khaki go, especially since you already have the door tote, and 2 is plenty of an XL bag. Save the money for something else. LV will always release something else that you will want to buy, or another pattern, or colour, or design. I recommend returning one
  8. What did you decide ?
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  9. If I were in your shoes I would keep the reverse. I was gifted the khaki and it is absolutely gorgeous but I’m very paranoid about getting the creme side dirty. If I had been given a choice I probably would have chosen the reverse.
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  10. I was kind in the same position like you! First I was able to get the khaki one but I was afraid to use it because of the light color! But I love the combo! Just can’t bring myself to use the light color! It was sitting in my closet for 1 month. My SA told me even that it is no more possible to get any onthego tote! But on Tuesday she called me and asked me if I still wanna one because they just got one in the morning! When I got the reverse mono I was more than more than happy!!! Go for the reverse mono!
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  11. Yes the color combination is beautiful but I am so afraid to use it. I’ve taken it out only twice in the month that I’ve had it. The rest of the time it sits in its dust bag in my closet. I’m trying to tell myself it’s a bag and it’s meant to be used!
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  12. Hey ladies, thank you so much for all your suggestions and input! I am on the fence for the past few days and decide I'll go return the kaki version. Like your suggestions, I do like the kaki combo, but do feel it less practical than the reverse... that said, if I didn't get the reverse but kaki first I probably would settle on it.
  13. I was thinking the same like you, but I just could not bring myself to use light colored bags! I am happy to get the reverse and sell the khaki one!
  14. BTW I am returning the OTG Kaki bag today to the store, so if anyone wants to get the bag please PM me and I'll let you know which store it is. Not sure if this would help anything but I'll try my best to help. Thank you all so much!