Ontario Mills outlet updates?

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  1. Post your Ontario Mills outlet updates here! :graucho:
  2. Thanks Greenpixie for putting us back on the map:tup: Spoke to a SA today who said that OM should be getting more FP deletes in starting on Monday. I am hoping that a Graphite Brynne shows up. I really want this bag
  3. Thanks Greenpixie, glad we have our own thread again.

    Weekend shopper, did the SA say what bags they had in today? Thanks
  4. ^^^

    I was told that they had 30 boxes at the warehouse and that they would start putting things out on Monday. The SA did not tell me what was coming out.
  5. Anyone see a black croc madison zip around wallet?
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    had the 20% off coupon today.
    stopped by today for a return. took a quick peek at the clearance and 30% off section, mainly 50% clearance had tons of wallets on sale - saw a purple croc zip around wallet but not black, also they had the purple/brown chainlink large wallet, large white madison wallet which would match the white leather hailey. bunch of the smaller wallets also in 50% off including chainlink.
    they had a bunch of swingpacks 50% off including the op art chain link in purple/gray.
    on the back 50% shelf, most of the clearance items were mff bags including a blue/light green carryalls, bunch of mff zoes in burnished brown, black, white, etc.
    in the 30% delete, there were large white haileys, couple of maggies in cinnamon and an op art purple/brown chainlink, a lot of poppy stuff (not a fan of poppy so i didn't pay much attention and don't know what kind of bags they were) on the shelf. on the 30% off table, the main thing i noticed was two madison embossed gray croc carryalls which were originally priced at $598.
    at the checkout, had for $29 -fobs including the cupcake and the silver dice (really tempted with that one) and at one of the checkouts, they had a box of plain black mini skinny which were only $15 if you had a $100 purchase.
    the mff carlys did look interesting but just noticed that as another shopper was purchasing...didn't take the time to look myself
    -out of the corner of my eye did spot a single small white leather hailey and single op art purple/gray chainlink hailey kind of hidden away - was 50% off and then 20% off which I was able to score and made my day :smile:
  7. Hey everyone! I went to OM yesterday too, but I got too sleepy waiting for the forums to come back up. Haha! The deletes really weren't that great. There is some Poppy and Julia in the clearance section with some MFF and that's all I really noticed. They have Alexandras in the back corner closest to the checkout. I didn't notice them until I was in line to checkout because I'm used to the deletes being in the opposite corner. There are a lot of accessories to chose from, but nothing really caught my attention as far as bags.

    Thanks to Weekend shopper I got a price adjustment on my grape ice patent Jazzy that went on clearance. It went from $208 to $115. And although they were hesitant, I was able to rebuy my croc Audrey with the 20% off coupon. I made sure to call them that morning before I left for the outlet. Whoever I spoke to was very nice and told me to just bring everything in and they'd do the adjustment. When I got there, the SAs were still nice, but there was some back and forth of my particular SA to her manager to get approval to let me return and rebuy. The manager told the SA to be sure to let me know that they normally don't do that, which I completely understood, but like I said, whoever I spoke to on the phone gave me the okay. Otherwise I wouldn't have made the drive. Also, the coupon literally came out 3 days after I bought that stuff. Otherwise I wouldn't bother with the fuss because it's true the coupon says not valid on previous purchases. Long story short, I saved a bunch of money thanks to the coupon. I just thought I'd share as a reference in case anyone was wondering how OM handles their price adjustments and such.
  8. It's a good thing that they gave you the adjustment. When you're dropping $300+ on a bag, the 20% makes a HUGE difference. So happy to hear you were able to find the bags you wanted. We southern cali girls know how hard it can be to find things at our outlets.
  9. Thanks abdoutots! And yes, I forgot to mention that the price of the croc Audrey went from 418 to around 338. That really is a huge difference with the 20%. At least now I know I'm absolutely not going to shop unless there's a coupon. They really spoil us with those coupons that I can't imagine buying without that extra bonus.
  10. i know i try not to shop with out a coupon. which is difficult because most of the good stuff is in stock when they dont have a coupon. i actually got meet weekend shopper. she's a complete doll. always exciting meeting a fellow buddy on here. i have no friends into coach as i am.

  11. Thanks! I shouldn't, but I may go out there this week as I need a couple of small things & some gifts. Will post back if I do.
  12. How awesome! I hope to run into some of you fab ladies someday too! I have one co-worker that loves Coach, but if she knew how into Coach I was, I think she'd think I was crazy. Haha!

    So after the croc Audrey, I told myself no more bags for the rest of the year, lol. We'll see how that goes, especially if there are 30 boxes going to OM. LOL!
  13. ^^^

    Ditto on one day meeting-up! I am sure that we will all run into one another next month closer to Thanksgiving, when they put out some good FP deletes. Last year they had the Cambridge line and Tribeca. I wonder what line will it be this year? I can only dream that Sophia pops up, but at the rate of FP bags hitting the outlet within two months of coming out I would not doubt it.
  14. I'm hoping Sophia shows up for Black Friday too. I'll definitely be at OM the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving when they're putting everything out.
  15. sophia for thanksgiving- i would definitely be thankful for that...:happydance: