OnStar - anyone else?

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  1. Is anyone else getting telemarketers (or something like) calling them through their OnStar service? I've never even used my OnStar button, and I only expect to in dire circumstances, but I've received TWO telemarketing calls!

    What now? I have to put my OnStar phone number on the Do Not Call list??

    I forget what the first call was about, but the one just now was about my car warranty...... and my Yukon is brand spanking new, so I shouldn't be receiving any calls like that.

    I'm so annoyed - everyday I'm getting more and more telemarketers calling on my home phone and cell, and now my car!!! :cursing:
  2. Wow that really sucks. I hope you're able to do something about it.
  3. Ok, well I sort of figured it out. I called the number back and had to press option 1 to speak with an agent. After making myself PERFECTLY CLEAR (read: getting a little bit of an attitude) I think I successfully removed myself from the list.

    The agent tried to keep me on the phone to "check a few more things" but since I'm not sure if it's truly OnStar OR if it's a scam.... I said absolutely not.

    *I made a point to say that all of my numbers are registered with the government Do Not Call Registry (and all but the car have been on it since 2002), so if they call again they will be fined.
  4. That's a first, I have OnStar (though I never used it) and no one called.

    It could be courtesy call because your car is new and they want to keep you happy.
  5. Are you on the Do Not Call list? If not, put yourself on the list and when they call, inform them that you are on the list and they should remove your name from their records.

    There is also a Do Not Contact list for credit card (and related) companies.

    ETA: Just saw that you are on the list. I'm glad you got that sorted:smile:
  6. I am on the Do Not Call List, but lately it seems more and more places are not complying and when i call them on it, they give me some invalid excue. I went to the site to file a complaint on a particularly persistent one and if I remember correctly, you can report it, but follow up/fining is not automatic.
  7. Ive never gotten anything through onstar. but to be honest i dont know how to use it lol. i do get calls all the time about my warranty expiring though