Onnix Bags

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  1. I’ve place my order on Kickstarter and now I’m seeing them all over FB and Google. I can’t stop thinking about them. HELP! I need bag therapy :giggles:

    Initially, the design reminded me of my Mulberry Willow Tote but they solved my annoyance, the fact that I can replace the clutch. Plus, it helps that it’s a fraction of the price. :yahoo:

    Has anybody else bought one? :loveeyes:

    I’m so excited and can’t wait to get it! You guys have to check out their video because I not good at describing how they’re making it interchangeable.

    My “investigation” has found that apparently they’re produced at the same factory as Burberry and Aspinal of London (don’t quote me).

    Here’s their website, help me get my bags! LOL :roflmfao:
  2. I backed them too! YAY!!!! :choochoo:
    But I can only afford to buy one clutch right now... but I saw their news on the new emerald color and I'm tornnnnnnnnnnnn. How did you find out about where they're made?
  3. Campaign is closing tomorrow. WOOHOOO :P What's the final decision on color?
  4. Do you think they'll sell their bags on their website? Currently it only has their Kickstarter Campaign.... EEE still can't decide if I should get one more clutch. :hugs:
  5. Ohhh please update those are pretty
  6. @BellaLuella did you get one too?