onna ehrlich vanessa croco

  1. there was a thread about half a year ago about the onna ehrlich vanessa croco - apparently the bag looks much better in the photos than in real life? does anyone have real life photos of the bag? i really really like the bag, but i don't want to get it if it's not as good as it looks on the website...

    any thoughts?? thanks!!
  2. i don't, but it sounds yummy!
  3. I was actually interested in getting this bag for the longest time... but I honestly saw LL holding it and the leather looks nothing like the one she's holding.

    Seriously... does anyone have this bag IRL? I would really like to get some feedback.
    BagOnna0001a3.jpg ve_red_big.jpg
  4. Heh, I bought that bag and was appalled! It looked nothing like the one LL was holding. It was not the vibrant red shown in the pics, parts of the body were suede and other parts were leather but the suede areas were much lighter in color, almost pink. The front push button clasp kept popping out on its own and just really irked me. The chain handles were odd, they looked like they should be heavy, like Marc Jacobs chain handles, but they weren't. They were very light weight and hollow feeling, and ultimately, cheap feeling. Needless to say, I dont have this bag anymore!

    Did you already buy it?
  5. I have it in black so I don't have the problem with the different colors - but I do have the same problem with it popping open - the clasp doesn't seem to hold the bag closed - not the best bag I own but I like it and get lots of compliments on it - the not staying closed part is irritating though
  6. I saw this bag IRL and have to agree w/GUNG.....it's not attractive in person and IMO, the leather looks like plastic. It is NOT a quality bag....and they are asking TOO much for something that looks like you would buy at a WalMart (sorry, don't mean to offend).
    I would say - move on - don't waste your time and money!
  7. Wow... i can't believe this... Thank goodness i didn't buy it! I figured something was wrong, and I e-mailed BLONDETTE and i still didn't get any response from them (it's been almost 2 months... lol?) I just asked them if it looked exactly like the bag LL was carrying, but i guess i know the answer now. They really should be more descriptive and honest with this bag. When i looked at the one LL was holding i really REALLy wanted it.. but not anymore. Thanks ladies!!!:tup: