Onna Ehrlich Red Croc leather bag - yay or nay?

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  1. Hi everyone, saw this bag on one of my favorite little websites..and really like it, it's a great summer color...and best of all the price, it sells for $395. Size 12"x15"x4.5 . Plus I have a coupon code for 20% off..what do you think?
    And oh, pay no attention to the model, tried to block her out, but couldn't! :supacool:

  2. It is certainly striking and that seems like an amazing price. You would turn heads for sure!
  3. LOL - Is that Lindsay Ho-han? (That's what I read from other forums.. that's how other people are calling her LOL)

    I love it! Its a beauty! I will say YAY this time! LOL

    I just have one thing that I am worrying about - would the chains cut into the shoulder? cuz that would hurt!
  4. And the gray... don't know about the chains, but they do make the bag pop....

  5. It's gorgeous!
  6. Oh that gray is to die for...you know I bet it would look fantastic in person.
  7. I'm def. a fan - PARTICULARLY at that price! Go for it!
  8. Did you buy the bag???
  9. it's gorgeous! i love how vibrant it is.
  10. No, after someone posted about the chains digging into shoulders, I thought they were probably right..so I didn't get it...too bad there isn't a leather part at the top of those chains which would be helpful
  11. Does anyone have this bag in black?
  12. i really like it a lot!
  13. Definite YAY!
  14. there's a slightly different but similar version with leather strap on lisyb selling for $326. and i'm sure there's a coupon code for that site floating around somewhere.


    i personally love the bag, too. =)