Only you ladies can know my pain

  1. Okay so I know only you ladies can truly know the anguish of what has happened to me. I recently got back to the Bay Area (SF) from Hawaii. We were there for a month and I was really feeling sad to leave my family and the beach and come home.
    My wonderful boyfriend took pity on me and decided to buy me the Neverfull GM for the new school year. Well about the fifth day I had it I woke up in the morning and went to where I had left it on a desk in the living room and ...... :cursing: my *$%#ing @#$damn cat had chewed the thin leather straps that you use to pull in the sides!!!!!!!!!
    Then I went in the kitchen and on top of this heinous crime he had had diarrhea alllll over the kitchen floor, which I had to clean up.
    The leather is not as bad as it could have been but it is permanently deformed. Then later when i was holding my bag in the car, I noticed more bite marks on one of the shoulder straps! Now my poor new baby has to stay locked away in the closet whenever I'm not carrying it.
    What's really weird is Elvis (the perpetrator)had never had a problem being around another LV. He used to take naps on my speedy! I guess the thin dangly straps were too much for him. If he wasn't so cute, he'd be out on the street!:push:
  2. oh no, maybe you could check the price on getting them replaced.
  3. OH NO!!!!! I am so sorry!!!
  4. Oh no! I'm sorry it happened to your new bag! My puppy did get to one of my bags once. Luckily it was a relatively inexpensive one. Maybe you can take it to LV and fix it for you? IMO if it bothers you, better to pay to get it fixed than to glare at it everyday. :yes:
  5. i'm sorry to hear!~ but the up side is that you know you can always get them replaced :yes:
  6. Oh no! Kitty did a no-no. So sorry that happened to you. I hope you can get it fixed to your liking! I have two kitties, so I know what you mean about your cat, though --- can't get too mad at your baby cutie. lol
  7. Sounds like something my kitty would do! He's a little troublemaker! I'm sorry about your bag, though!!! :yucky::yucky:
  8. oh no, i'm sorry! my new kitten did the same to one of my bags, but thankfully not one of my lv's...maybe get them replaced? good luck!
  9. Well thank goodness that our furry friends are loved just like our LVs!
  10. I've been putting my Speedy up in my bedroom when i don't use it because I have 2 cats, and even though they don't chew I'm just afraid they might START with my $620 BAG!


    Sorry that happend to you. My kitties are cute too even if they did do that I couldn't put them out on the street LOL.
  11. OMG that's horrible!! I hope you are able to replace it! I have kitties too so now I'm scared....
  12. Thanks ladies for your condolences. And hopefully this may prevent a fellow kitty owner from having the same tragedy!:idea:
  13. Oh no!! I hope maybe they can replace the leather straps? Maybe it won't cost too much. Bring it in and let them look at it, you never know. Good luck!
  14. Thanks! So I just called and they said the bag is too new for them to have quotes on hand. The SA recommended bringing it in and they will call the repair shop for me and get a quote. For now, I'll have to hope for a low number! ;)
  15. OMG, i m sorry about what happened!!! :sad: