...only went to have a "look"...final sales reveal!

  1. I was right on the satchel part :biggrin:

    Love it! This makes me want my Alexa now haha
  2. Agree, she should have been!


    I like that idea too :biggrin: Enjoy!
  3. Wow, you've gone for the double! It's such a beautiful colour. Can we see some modelling shots?

  4. Can I ask how much she was? Hope you don't mind but may consider the regular - that's beautiful!!
    'Looking' is so much fun!
  5. You definitely were :smile: Thank you!

    Here's a few more pics to make you want one even more!!! She's a real beauty :cloud9:
    6.JPG 7.JPG 8.JPG
  6. Wow the rose gold hardware and the silky snake is stunning! Congratulations on your new Mulberry family member :smile:
  7. She is beautiful! Have never been too keen on SS before but I love it in this colour :smile:
  8. Modelling shots coming up!!

    I'm not "looking" anymore :p She was £520.00 from HoF and she is the mini ;)
  9. Ooooooo mini!!!!!!! Now that's an idea..... :giggles: was she in the sale??
  10. Thank you ladies! I'd never considered the mini before but it holds its shape really well, with it being smaller and is really cute!! :biggrin:
  11. Sorry just see your post!!! :biggrin:

    Cupcake she is absolutely beautiful.... And so super duper cute..... And rose gold too.... Oh wow! Swoon :love:

    Yes, modelling shots please....... :biggrin:
  12. I also now understand that you bought her, put her on your dresser to decide and then didn't have a decision to make....

    There is no way if I bought her and took her home she would ever being going back :love:
  13. Cookie cup I can't believe I missed your reveal :tdown: but soooo glad I found it just now :tup: Shopping has worn me out today. You sure do have some beautiful bags in your collection now and the rose gold is the icing on the cake :jrs: (see how clever that was!) Beautiful xx
  14. She was in the sale. You can fit in a few more bits than you can in a Lily - perfect for out and about! ;)
  15. ...some mod shots...:blush: