Only two left....

  1. today while looking in my closet, i realized that i only have two b-bags left - my black first and seafoam first. i've sold most of my bbags to fund my new obsession with chanel bags. and i'm still seriously thinking of selling my black first (which i loved so much before) but do you girls think i will regret it? :sad:
  2. oh nooooooooooooooooo, sweetsparkle, don't do it girl!!! :wtf:
  3. nooooooooooooo....... it's such a classic! And plus I think your black first is the earlier ones, right? With the silver hardware?
  4. I've noticed something on this blog. We all eventually graduate in our bag design tastes. First its Juicy, D&B or Coach, then MJ, Chloe, LV, Balenciaga, Fendi, then Chanel, then.....(don don don don!) HERMES! This is eventually going to morph into exclusively a Hermes Blog isn't it???
  5. my black first is 2004. so the leather is wonderful. BUT lately it's looking rather old....i don't know!! i don't want to regret it because i'll never be able to find it again since i love the old bbags so much and it's so hard to find the perfect one with nice leather. but on the other hand, i don't carry it anymore. what am i going to do?? i have the chanel luxury bowler and reissue 2.55 on hold and i want to buy them both!! which means something has to give. help girls.
  6. i think it is good to have a variety (tis the spice of life). i would keep your two bbags because you may eventually get tired of having all of one brand (even a great brand like Chanel).

    edit: i love the new luxury bowler. which color? one of the metallics?
  7. the metallic black and the grey reissue

    and i do have other bags like my chloe, nancy gonzalez and's just i find myself carrying the bbags less and less....but maybe because i carried it too much the last season?? remember i was so obsessed with finding the right color bbag?? :nuts:
  8. those are two very different bags but if it were me (which it is not), i would just get the bowler and keep the two bbags.

    edit: i have bought a lot of different brand bags lately -- ferragamo, MJ, chanel, LV, McQuuen,etc... because i don't want to just have one brand. i think if i did, i would tire of them. while i have the most bbags (and some of them are unique), they aren't varied enough (like for example mimi's or some other PFers) where i could see myself wearing them all the time.

    is the grey reissue that hard to come by?

    which chloe?
  9. the reissue is harder to get than the bowlers....but i love both but my husband wants me to choose one! hehe.
  10. I am in a similar position...I had a large collection of bbags, and then sold them all, except for my seafoam twiggy and my eggplant twiggy, in order to expand my LV collection. I never plan to sell my last two though. I think you should keep your last two, since they are older and more "special" in my opinion.
  11. keep them! those bags dont come around everyday...
  12. i have a chocolate paddington bowler (or box) and older silverado python.
  13. Nooooo! :wtf: Don't do it! Keep your last 2 bbags--they are both beautiful HTF bags! I think you will regret it if you sold either of them.
  14. Don't sell it, especially if its the older black one. It will be hard to replace if you decide later that it was a mistake to sell.

    I don't think we "graduate" to other designers, it's more about wanting variety. I have Chanels and Hermes and recently got bitten by the balenciaga bug (again). I find that it suits my everyday life style more. Does that mean I am reverting? Nah! I have a little bit of everything to fit my different needs.

    I personally like the reissue more, it is more classic and will always be in style.
  15. keep those 2 b-bags!!! chanel will come around over and over again till the end of our life.
    balenciaga don't!