Only Tara Could Trip Over Fresh air !

  1. Maybe it was her heels :s

    Here she is trying to appear demure on the red carpet for the Ocean Drive & Market America SuperBowl Party on Saturday night in Miami. My what a lady-like stance she has.

    And here she is showing us all, she will never change.
  2. Her stance is appalling but my heart goes out to anyone who trips in public. Did anyone see that awful pic of Nadine from Girls Aloud catching her heel in her dress & tumbling? Really painful, yet paparazzi make such a laugh of it! I turned on my ankle once in a shopping mall I will never forget the humiliation, was almost worse than the pain!
  3. Without the stripper heels, she would have looked cute AND she probably would not have tripped. I hate it when celebs stand pigeon toed like that, though.
  4. She's trying so hard to clean up her image..poor girl.I feel kinda sorry for her, never really a fan of her. You can't be the person you ar not Tara..
  5. lower heels would help.. she's such a train wreck.
  6. I feel for her--I'm the clumsiest person ever. But those shoes are an accident waiting to happen. How do people walk in the platforms/heels, etc. without wobbling and falling?? It must take a lot of practice.

    Poor Tara--she just can't seem to get it all together.
  7. ITA... I feel sorry for her too.
  8. Oh no, it must be painfully embarrassing.
  9. me too :shame:
  10. Poor girl. And she wasn't even drunk this time.
  11. She looks like she's getting ready to do the "potty dance" in the first pic. :p
  12. Cute dress... too bad she didn't choose classier shoes. :sad:
  13. I feel sorry for her but I definitely wouldn't be wearing heels that tall in the first place..
  14. Here she is being helped out of a night club.


  15. Those shoes are insane, no wonder the poor girl fell.