Only posted a few to Tokidoki

  1. I really hope they do re-release some of the older prints. I fell in love w/ these bags a few months bag thanks to a friend of mine (Q!!). I have a ADIOS STAR denaro, ciao; INFERNO portatelafono, ciao ciao; PARADISO portatelefono, ciao ciao. On the way are TRASPORTO denaro, zucca. Preordered VACANZE stellina. I really hope we late bloomers do get a chance to catch up w/ a few you tokidoki lovers! Wish list is denaro INFERNO, PARADISO and anything FORESTA - a matching set would be oh so nice!
  2. Welcome to the dungeon! You've got some really nice Toki bags there! Don't have to worry about being a late bloomer, this late bloomer got like 20 bags in the course of a month. :smile: Happy Toki Hunting!
  3. Thanks! I DO get jealous when I read on the forums how people are going to the stores to check out what they have and the sales. Live in Texas and they are not down here! Ordered mine thru the outlet. Wouldn't mind getting my hands on the Lamore either.
  4. Ah the Lamour is so elusive! I wish you luck in your quest. I'm a late bloomer myself. I only have 7 bags (too lazy to list 'em) but my obsession gets stronger and stronger by the day!
  5. welcome to the forum elo kit a! just wanted to let you know, if you're still wanting ANY bag in lamore, Macys in Stoneridge Mall located in Pleasanton, CA has 4 lamore bambinos :] i do believe macys does chargesend so might wanna give them a call!
  6. A.Okay Official in Chicago had 2 L'amore Lunas and a L'amore Trenino when I was there last week. They sounded like they might be willing to take a phone order if you pay by PayPal. Their number is 773-248-4547
  7. HAHA!! It's about time you posted my friend!! I do believe all my friends sign a disclaimer that it is not my fault any spending habits you may incur in the duration of our friendship!! elo kit a is catching up with everyone pretty quick if I do say so myself! :yes:
  8. welcome! i have been into toki since citta and citta rose. I remember before there was a Toki board on pf! :smile:

    but i don't have too many bags. just a citta rose campeggio, an inferno caramella and a op bambino. daughter has an inferno stellina. i have a bocce and a porta coming via the outlets this week.

    i hope to get atleast 1 thing in each print. it's jut hard becuase the bags i like most (corriere, bella bella,) are no longer being made atleast on the mainland. but i will find what i want. if i ahve to get a corrier in adios star with barely any characters..well, i will do it!

    but again welcome. this is a wonderful but tempting board ot be on.

  9. Welcome!! I guess I'm sort of a late bloomer, too... I just started collecting back in March - and I think I have 20 bags or so :p??!?! So there is definitely hope for you~ Great deals pop up everywhere :yes:
  10. lol, no worries e! my first toki was a l'amore gioco, and even when i fell in love with that bag, it was already sold out of stores everywhere =/ and you already have more bags than i do! keep going at it! ^0^ we're all here waiting for pictures of your new additions~