Only One Thing Classy About A Bridezilla...

  1. the bag hanging from her arm????!!:roflmfao:

    WE Channel's Bridezillas show (brides throwing tantrums during the entire planning process of their wedding) has become a program that will almost certainly provide a little Louis peek. Everytime I watch that show, I see the bride with a Louis. Just last night, I spotted a BH, and a few weeks before, it was a Coussin. :nuts:

    Ladies (and gents), if you want some eye candy while you laugh at brats trying to get their way, I suggest tuning in to that channel. :wlae:
  2. I also spotted the BH last night too.
  3. I'll have to tune in. Sounds funny!
  4. Superstar: All I could think was, Oh dear God, please don't throw cake on her batignolles...!
  5. I will have to look for that show, sounds funny!