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  1. I've fallen inlove with Balenciaga back in 2007 and have had a small collection ever since. I'm not sure if everyone knows but I've practically sold off my entire collection (I've kept a few accessories only) the past few months. With the upcoming wedding and house hunting, I just couldn't find myself to splurge so much on bags. And although I still do love Balenciaga, it just isn't the same for me anymore. They just aren't calling out to me as much as they did the past the more reason I had to sell them..

    I wasn't planning on keeping any of them until I came across THE one! It used to be my 07 Violet SGH Work but had to let it go because it was huge and I was always losing my stuff inside - but the leather was TDF!! Next was my Ruby SGH PT, which also turned out to be too big..

    I've been searching for this for quite sometime - came across several but none had the leather and saturation I was looking for...until THIS. This one is DEFINITELY a keeper! It's the perfect style and color!

    Sorry for the long post, here are the pics!


    This one best represents it's color in real life:

    I'm now off to put some FHO and AG spray! Hope you ladies enjoyed the pics as much as I do!:drinkup:
  2. Congrats! Is that Rougue or Tomato?
  3. Congratulations, mischka.
  4. Gorgeous bag! Wow, I LOVE RED!
    I am terrible at identifying colors, but maybe this is Tomato?
    The leather looks so smooshy and pillow-y!
    I agree, definitely a keeper!
  5. ^^ It's Ruby!!:nuts: Leather reminds me so much of my 2007 Violet!:graucho:
  6. Many congrats on your gorgeous Twiggy, Mischka!
  7. Its GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!!!! :nuts: I love ruby!!!!
  8. I love Ruby! It's such a great red. I'm glad you found one that you can't live without!
  9. My Ruby Work is probably my favorite bbag. I love how thick the Ruby leather is. Congrats!!
  10. Congrats, it's beautiful!
  11. T, Had no idea you let your entire collection go!!! That sure is one yummy yummy Ruby, looks like the back of your SGH PT you had yeah? CONGRATS on a gorgeous score & CONGRATS on your wedding!!!
  12. One day you awaken and obsess over Bal again! Love the red!
  13. OMG, that is one GORGEOUS bag! The color is to do for--I can definitely see what its a keeper! Thanks for posting pics--love it!
  14. Your Twiggy is stunning! The color is amazing!
  15. Ruby it the red I love the most, other than RT. Love your Ruby Twiggy!!!!