Only one LV to buy in Paris, which one???

  1. Going to Paris next week - always go to the flagship store - I am not sure which bag to buy this trip - there are so many new hot bags now - thinking of the Onatah Cuir (but that's a fortune) I also love Damier, I could get a speedy or an alma or?????????????If you were in my position, which bag would you get? ( don't care for mono or MC ). Thanks for ideas!!!
  2. i say you get onatah cuir. because the more expensive it is, the more you save! :P you shouldn't look at price in paris becuase it is cheaper lol. well thats' just me because i live in canada, paris is much cheaper, if you live in europe i guess there isn't really a big difference. :flowers:
  3. Get something special like onatah cuir..

    how will have fun there..fall in Paris..:love: :love:
  4. onatah cuir.
  5. Definitely the Onatah cuir!! Have a fabulous time in Paris!!
  6. I personally would get something from the Damier line. Maybe, something on the more expensive end since you can get it cheaper in Europe. Do you prefer shoulder or hand held bags?
  7. how much cheaper is LV in paris compared to the states? im planning to go to Paris in a couple of months. i need to know! hehe
  8. I'm not sure how much but it was cheaper in April so i'm hoping - but then I think the Euro is higher now. You get the VAT back and that makes the real difference.
  9. I'd get the Damier Alma or EPI Jasmin :love:
    Have fun!
  10. I prefer shoulder but I already have a Saleya MM. I think I'm going to try to get the onatah if it looks as good over there as it did when I saw it here. It is a very expensive bag to me and I hope I can swing it.
  11. When we went last Christmas, my mom's koala wallet was like 100 usd cheaper. My agenda was like 30 and the refills 10.