Only ONE Kooba

  1. Ok, these are the rules. You are only allowed to have One single solitary Kooba...forever and ever...Amen

    Which one is it? It can be one you have or don't have. And tell us why.:shrugs:

    My One Kooba will be.......DRUMROLL.........:sweatdrop:

    My Metallic Army or Black Sienna

    It's very versatile and could be a little dressy if you needed it to be. The size is perfect. I've never gotten tired of it.
  2. Oh gosh, that is hard!

    I believe if I had to chose only one Kooba it would have to be my Jillian in black. It looks great with a simple jeans skirt and can also work with something more dressy.

    It holds a ton of stuff, is simple in design but still has that biker chick edge.
  3. my black Lucy
  4. I love my black Ginger, I think if I could have only one bag (horror of horrors), this would be it. It holds a lot, but also transitions nicely to an evening out. I think it's a very classic bag, with a bit of an edge to it.
  5. LOL-this a tough one, so many Kooba's yet to buy..

    I'd have to say my Maria in terraine.
    It's comfy to wear, and fun. I'm not a real dress up person, so it fits my lifestyle perfectly!
  6. Hmmm...well I have a desert scarlett, but if it was only one bag 'for life' I would get a desert sienna, purely because its larger, and most days I carry alot of junk! cant have 'a metallic army or black' sienna. You gotta choice one colour for you solitary bag..:lol:

  7. Haha Lexie,

    Isn't that two? Pick one girl!!!! :p

    (Mine's my Carla.)

  8. Yeah, what's with that???!!!
    Pin it down, Lexie! (if you can!) :p
  9. hehe o man this is the hardest Q ever!!!!! I THINK and its SO hard to choose but i THINK my pick would be my red elisha!!! (shhh dont tell me brand new page i love her so much! AHH)
    haah this is just too hard GR! :smile:
  10. Don't like this game at all, LOL Choose between my Koobas:nuts: (and I don't even have that many..)

    It would have to be my Sienna in Ivory; she fragile, impractical, don't go with everything and is limited to spring and summer...but absolutely beautiful, so yeah, that's the one..
  11. Today I'll go with my black Jessie; I love how she sits so nicely on my shoulder and has all those outside pockets AND she's a great size. Just big enough to carry stuff, yet small enough to be cute.
  12. i can't play, i don't have one yet! :crybaby:
  13. Geez... I hate to even put this down in writing because I know that tomorrow or the day after or next week my answer will change...

    Let's see. Process of elimination: I love my olive Sienna, but to be the ONE Kooba it would have to be in black for maximum versatility. I've also been dreaming of a black Lucy, but don't have one. I just received my black Annie today in the mail, but don't think I would want my ONE Kooba to be a messenger style. Okay, drumroll.................

    Black Sienna
  14. I Did choose one style (Whiiiiiiiiiine).
    And it's MY thread (Whiiiiiiine)
    So I should get some lee-way....dammit! :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Oh Okay!!! You big sticklers.....

    I choose the Metallic Army Sienna!
  15. Excellent choice!

    (even though I've never seen either Sienna's in person, I love to look...both def.divine!)