Only one bag for 10 days...egad

  1. Hey all, I'm off to Ft. Lauderdale for 10 days starting next week...sorry if this is such a bore and a duplicate on other posts but I guess I need to whine ;)

    I'm trying to suck up the fact I will probably only be able to have one handbag and one small clutch for this entire trip. It's business and I'm trying to pack light, with a short time to sneak away to an evening family wedding (hence, the clutch). As much as I want to bring my BH as well, I'm going with just the Saleya PM due to the zip top, goes with any outfit and no vachetta/humidity issues. Not sure yet on which clutch.
    I'm so used to changing my bags nearly every day...what am I gonna do? :cursing:
  2. Lol..I've had that dilemma..of course, I've only been gone for a weekend, at most. you have any keychains or bandeaus you can use as bag charms? Bring a few of those if you can and it'll feel like you have a new bag each day. :yes: