Only Mischa & Her Pooch !

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  2. lol and the worst outfit ever. I must say she has the worst taste in clothes.
  3. Good lord what is she wearing?!?!?
  4. ^ Really? I think she has great taste in clothes. It's different from all that overly trendy played out boho chic stuff all the other celebrities her age wear. I like the look, but they ALL wear it. At least she has some character.
  5. She looks a bit silly there, but usually she does wear nice clothes?
  6. she seems kind and nice to her dog...
  7. :wtf:
  8. I think she is cute enough to pull off the outfit.
  9. I totally agree^^^
  10. Cute puppy! Her red dress looks a little Mickey Mouse-ish to me. LOL!
  11. cute puppy...I like mischa...
  12. I like the first outfit. THe second one not so....
  13. I like her and i think her pooch is adorable and they are kinda look-a-like in the first picture:smile: I noticed that happens a lot, owners and their pets sort of start looking like each other :smile: but its cute!
  14. i am not liking the second outfit.
  15. am i crazy?i actually like the red skirt!
    her puppy is too cute;):nuts: