Only Hermes?

  1. I know that a lot of us as bag enthusiasts are brand loyal so I'm curious to know if anyone's does purchase other brands or is it just Hermes for you?

    I'll go first. Personally, I choose bags that have something special for me no matter the brand. There are certain brands that I look to first but I won't not buy a bag just because it isn't a certain brand.

    How about you?
  2. Past: I used to buy Tod's, Chanel, Lulu Guinness, Prada, Gucci, LV (only for my mom), Chloe.

    Present: HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:graucho:
  3. i was/still am LV and Chanel.. but my love of them is slowing waning and i am starting to go to the H side.....
  4. Before Hermes, I buy other brands :biggrin: after getting my Hermes, I have a long wishlist :sweatdrop: :nogood: so instead of buying other brands, I am saving my $$ for the next Hermes bag. But my eyes do wander to other brands please :bagslap: me back to FOCUS :smile:
  5. I can use every brands :smile: But now save money for H:p
  6. At the moment I have a very small collection of Hermes bags, just three and no Birkin. I have sold all my other bags, mostly Mulberry but have kept one, a Mulberry Bayswater that serves as a substitute Birkin. I do admire other bags but I am saving for a Birkin at the moment and this stops me from buying anything else, but mostly when I look at another bag, I think, I would rather hang on for another Hermes bag, so yes, I am loyal to the one brand at the moment. It is expensive but the prices make you focus and be less likely to make a mistake. It suits me also, to have a small collection, I am happy carrying the same bag, year in year out. This would not suit my daughter, lol, she is only 12 but she would like a different and very blingy bag for every day of the year, she thinks I'm a bit boring with my plain old, same old bags, lol.
  7. I used to be a huge lover of LV's damier, epi and vernis lines. At this point, however, I haven't bought LV in over a year. Now, it is strictly Hermes for me.
  8. I am really trying to find another bag that makes me happy, but I am failing!

    Right now it is solely HERMES!
  9. I´m torn. I used to love LV and only dreamt of H. Now I feel there is only H, atleast at the moment.
  10. Previously, Prada, Chanel, Jimmy Choo, Marni, Devi Kroell, Nancy Gonzalez, Tods, Stella McCartney, Jill Sander, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Yves St. Laurent

    Now, H only for day (until I get my H for evening)
  11. Yeah! And I will keep pressurizing your SA!
  12. Previously Prada, Chanel and some vintage H. and some Dutch brand bags....

    Now H>E>R>M>E>S> I fell hard (and bought hard too :tup:)

    I decided to keep 1 Chanel bag and the Dutch bags and from now on ONLY H.
  13. Only Hermes. Every time I look at other bags, there's a detail that I don't like - the lining, the zipper, the zipper pull, the label, etc. I am spoiled.
    The only bag that I carry on a regular basis other than my H bags is my Longchamp Pliage.
  14. I consider myself to be loyal to both Vuitton and H ;)...

    When it comes to RTW & shoes though, I randomly buy whatever apeeals to me, no matter
    whether it's LV, H or whatever other designer there is out there that matches my personality.

    I am not ready yet, to dedicate myself to one single brand, I guess ;).
  15. Before Hermes I bought all different kinds of bags: Kate Spade, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, LV, Coach, Prada, Marc Jacobs. Also, I used to buy a new bag every month.

    Since buying my Kelly, I have only purchased from Hermes, and the purchases have been few. No new bag every month. I take my time, enjoy what I have and plan other purchases carefully. I appreciate the craftmanship and beauty of these bags and I have not wanted a bag from another brand. I have used my Hermes bags almost exclusively since buying them. The only exceptions are for evenings when I carry my BV evening bag and Longchamp pliage for rainy days.