ONLY having b-bags in your collection?

  1. So it's happened. One by one i've sold off all my bags except Edith and my 3 b-bags. Is this weird? I'm actually considering selling Edith too - she's pretty heavy compared to my b-bags. Is this a bad idea? Am I crazy?

    Do others on here only have b-bags, or is your collection more filled out?
  2. i have tons of other bags that I want to seel so I can buy more b-bags! i think it's part of the obsession. sigh.
  3. as much as i love b-bags, i still need my lv, bv and chanel. and i love my edith as well. although i'm tempted to sell it to get a work/weekender, but i happen to love the heaviness and sturdy of the edith especailly to bring my laptop and will not sell it, at least now :P
  4. I have a couple of other bags in my collection, but don't really use them. Whilst I love my b-bags I'd love at least one Chanel evening bag.
  5. ^^Ooo I forgot: I have one black chanel 2.55 - but since I only use it a couple of times a year I didn't count it.
  6. i carry my balenciagas the most, but i have to have variety in my collection. there are so many gorgeous bags out there!
  7. I have a serious love of handbags and could never restrict myself to just one brand. I need variety also.
  8. I went pretty crazy with Coach purchases when I got into handbags, prior to that I bought a tote, used it to death, bought another, used it to death, see a pattern??

    I then got into Balenciaga, but I hate to waste money and I think it's a waste to have something and not use it, so I tried to make myself use my Coach collection, but it just doesn't have the same appeal it once did.

    I really don't care for logos on stuff, which knocks out LV, Gucci and Chanel for me. I might consider Marc Jacobs, (actually that's how I found Balenciaga, I went to check out the Blake and saw the Cornflower Twiggy :heart::heart::heart:), but from what I understand it is a heavy bag. I would also consider Prada, Tods, they do have a logo, usually small and unobtrusive.

    Maybe I am still in the initial love stages of Balenciaga, but I don't think so. At this point, if I had $1K fall in my lap, I would still buy another Balenciaga over MJ or Prada or something like that.

    I also think that the delicious colours of Balenciaga rule out boredom.

    I wish you well,

  9. In fact I was a huge LV Fan...
    Only Epi Leather (about 20) and 3 Damier for travel(Pegase+Nolita24h+small Musette)...
    I was dreaming about having a B-Bag, and didn't know anything about them (if only I knew this Forum...).
    Well I bought a Black City (and discovered this Forum:love: ) , and 2 First in 3 weeks...The B-bag fever had begun...
    Then I've bought a Truffle Day and pre-ordered a Rouge Vif City.
    I've tried to sell one LV to finance a Blue India...hopefully without success, and because my boss gave me an "surprise incentive" , I've pre-ordered the Blue India and keep my LV Alma:smile: .
    But since I have B-bags, I don't use my LV anymore...
  10. I know where you#re coming from Beaux, I just sold my Gaucho and my last LV MC white bag both bags were brand new and just used once or twice, to finance the grenat city and the sapin purse. I just have my paddy, Edith and Sienna left but those I wouldn't sell because I love them, too. My B-bags are the ones which I really use and I just rotate between them. I don't regret it that I got rid of the Gaucho and the "loud" LV. My next and last bag for this year will be a work in rouge vif.
  11. I have 3 Balenciagas, as well as: Tod's, Hogan, MJ, BV, and YSL. I have tried to put together not so much a "collection", but a group of bags that I'll be able to use frequently, that fit with my personality and wardrobe!
  12. i pretty much sold off everything to buy bbags.. i have two marc stellas left, one i will keep its chocolate and has the old brass buckles, but when i carry it, its so so heavy. i sold all my LV, it was never me anyway.. and sold some prada bags... nothing special. i had a paddington, way too heavy, and i was so worried that i was going to scratch that damn padlock all the time...

    i think a nice chanel 2.55 would be nice some day for evenings..
    but other than that, other bags dont really give me the same thrill as when i carry my bbags.

    oh, i have one local designer, nyc bag that i call my "foul weather bag".. its actually pretty nice, but its for totally downpours and snow when i just cant bring out the precious bbags..
  13. My collection is pretty filled out -- I have Lanvin, MJ, YSL, LV (damier and epi), Chanel, Ferragamo, McQueen and plan on adding a BV and Hogan bag in the next month or so. I have a lot of bbags (various styles, various years) and love them but couldn't wear them everyday.
  14. I find myself purging my closet of bags I just don't use anymore and find that a lot of colors that are gorgeous and fun just didn't get a lot of use. That included some of my B-bags. However, I will probably always keep my B-bags in the neutrals and Rouge VIF; they are timeless, light and great for travel. I have to say that Chloe didn't have a lot of longevity in my closet as I'm consider parting with mine as well.

    My collection used to be a lot more varied before I sold most of everything and now just have my Hermes, Chanel, MJs, Chloes and B-bags. Staples that I will probably never part with--Hermes and Chanel, as they seem to get a lot more use as I get older; not a big fan of logos either, but Chanel's Vintage Ligne is a favorite!
  15. I did sell a few bags recently to account for my B-bags (I damn well better have--I bought four in six weeks!) but there are a few that I couldn't part with. Also, I really want a Lanvin bag....unfortunately I copped a good feel of that leather recently. Must have. Other than that, it's all B all the time!