only gal at work with designer bags?

  1. Just anyone out there the only stylish girl at work, and better yet, the only girl who carries LV or a designer bag at all? Im considering getting the lockit horizontal for my new job, but my ex who works there already, says none of the girls carry designer bags (much less a tote) and none are very stylish at all. I don't want to show anybody up or look too over the top, but at the same time, I really like nice things....what should I do? Should I still get the bag and use it as my tote??
  2. may be try the epi or daimer line instead of monogram?? i love epi lockit.. it is understated.. and yet classy :tup: i especailly love the epi ivory !
  3. I wouldn't care what others thought. If you want to carry a nice bag go ahead.
  4. I don't think I'm the only stylish girl but I noticed that I haven't really seen many other designer bags at work except for Coach which makes me feel kinda bad about carrying my LV.
  5. Yeah I say just carry what you like!

    In my field of work (IT) I work with 95% men. The last consulting assignment I had was with a very fun but very um, casual group of mostly men. So no matter how I dress, I'm going to stand out. After years in this field, I'm used to it. I was lucky to have found a fellow LV lover in my last job...a really cool analyst who loves both LV and Coach too!!

    I'm starting a new job in September. I didn't see a lot of designer bags when I was going back for all the interviews but who knows. I played it safe with a black leather Coach bag during that whole process. I'll be in a more senior role and eff it I'm bringing all my LVs and other bags too!
  6. I work for an apparel company so sometimes I actually feel less stylish than most of my coworkers, who often are carrying Chloe, Chanel, and so on.

    But I really think this is outside the norm and fashion is the only industry where you'll find lots of women carrying and wearing designer goods.
  7. I just started a new job and no one where I work carries a designer bag. I have been carrying my epi speedy but tomorrow I am bringing my neverfull. Carry it if you love it.
  8. I say you go as you are, and if that's dressed up and with an LV oh well. Thats just who you are don't change or not carry your bag because of other people. Enjoy your new job and you bags no worries.
  9. I am the only one in my office 99% of the time (except my dog is there everyday but he does not count). When my boss is there she thinks spending more then $50 for a purse is crazy. She carries only fakes. I hide my bags from her. She has no idea what bags I have.
  10. I am the only woman in my office who wears high end designer pieces and I don't care what the other staff members think. If you love it, wear it! :smile:
  11. As long as you're not wearing go go boots, or a low cut top - both of which are completely inappropriate, there's absolutely no reason to not use your purses. Your workplace is needing an update if everyone else is drab and styleless, and it seems like you're the gal for the job.
  12. I'm also the only girl @ my work that carries designer bags, everyone thinks I'm crazy 4 spending more than $50 for a bag...all I can say is if u love it, ware it! Who cares!
  13. Wear what you love. Ya spent the money on it so it should be worn. I didn't worry about what others thought when I wore my designer bags to work. Most of the ladies loved it and the men thought I was crazy.
  14. Where I work I am the only girl who carries designer my department, at least.
  15. I'm kinda in the same boat as you...

    The girls that do carry designer handbags mainly carry Coach. I'm the only LV carrying person. :crybaby: