Only Denise Richard's Can Take Her Hermes Bag To The Park & Sit In The Sandpit

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  2. can't see pics :p
  3. oops :p
    43237_denise_05_122_564lo.jpg 43389_denise_11_122_493lo.jpg 43538_denise_18_122_368lo.jpg 43693_denise_29_122_563lo.jpg 43898_denise_36_122_490lo.jpg
  4. Good for her! I'm glad she can get down in the dirt with the kids and not give a fig about her purse.
  5. thanks for the photos prada's :yes:

    i think when people are too rich, they won't care about things like that :roflmfao:
  6. she looks so pretty w/out makeup
  7. great pix!!
  8. Her hair is soo nice! She is gorgeous.
  9. she looks pretty there! I agree when people are too rich, then I guess they really don't care about their handbags!
  10. Good for her! I'm glad she cares more about her kids than her bag.... it's nice to see a Hollywood mom get and down and dirty with her kids. Very cute family!
  11. ITA!

    cuteeeee cat btw imgg!
  12. Love the Chloe boots too!
  13. Her girls are the cutest!!!!! She appears to be pretty hands on mom, good for her and even better for her little girls.
  14. She is just great. A beautiful person (inside and out) and a good mom.
  15. Yuk..that poor bag. Not a fan of hers at all, sorry. I hope those kids don't grow up thinking it's ok to have an affair with a close friend's (who was there to help her through the charlie fiasco) husband.