Only Croc!!

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  1. I think I'm going to start looking for my first croc birkin. Seeing as this will probably be my ONE AND ONLY....what would you recommend? I know nothing at all about croc. I'm thinking of a 30cm day into evening...

    shiny OR matte
    poro OR nilo
    black, graphite OR ebene

    Thank you so much for any advice, Dears!!

    ps: Oh and is alligator comparable or not at all?
  2. If it was me personally, I would go for one exactly like Kim K's.

    I believe she has a shiny black croc/gator with PHW. It just looks so classic, I love it.
  3. Thanks! How does one tell the difference between croc and alligator? And is one more durable than the other? Is there a price difference?
  4. This is a high dive^^

    Matte nilo/graphite/PHW
    Matte poro/black/GHW (poro - most expensive)

    FYI: shiny becomes dull and matte becomes shiny over usage... Cannot spa back to original state.
  5. You will definitely need to wait for the experts to weigh in on that one.

    I know poro croc has a dot in each scale, but nilo croc doesn't. As for the difference between gator and croc, I'm not too sure, I believe good quality croc and gator are very similar. But as I said, wait for someone more knowledgeable to reply :smile: Good luck and make sure you post modelling pics once you eventually get your bag! :biggrin:
  6. Thank you so much!! Your recommendations mean so much to me!!
  7. :hugs:

    jmho and personal preference re:scales

    Poro vs Nilo just diff species - has TDF scale symmetry...
    (Poro - tight and slightly raised w/ dot on ea. scale.)
    (Nilo - larger well defined rounded scales)

    Mississippi tends to have crazy scale sizes overall
    (remember ameba analogy - mama amebas giving birth to baby amebas :giggles:smile:


  8. Haha- since you told me I think I have noticed it!!! Would be positively blind if it weren't for you!!!

    Which one of the two (graphite/nilo/phw or black/poro/ghw) is better for day into evening?

    Thank you thank you!!!!
  9. I think graphite can be casual to formal, big plus for double duty while remaining tonal with all black ensembles.
    Pairs well withnavy/gray/white/blush ensemble(just a change in shoes^)

    Black is black and may come across more 'severe' with an all black ensembles.
    Even different textiles take on blk dye differently, hence gradiences of shades.
    And depends if one wears ALOT of black daily, then this is the perfect choice:P

    Would reserve exotic black for a clutch :P

  10. Thank you so much!!!!! I just love the way you think and see!! Makes a ton of sense!!! Since I wear black almost all the time, I think graphite would be most parfait.....:smooch: :tender:
  11. if it was me, and it was going to be my one and only, it would be shiny black poro with phw.

    shiny so it can dress up and down. black because i think i would tire of graphite over many years with only one croc option and it is dark grey. poro because i like scale size variance across the body of the bag as opposed to more uniform square nilo. phw because while ghw is a tad more trendy right now, phw will stand the test of time.

    in terms of gator and nilo, both are less expensive than poro so that could be a factor as well.

    :smile: keep in mind this is super subjective and you should choose what you love most, as it is a big investment!! just because many people may say black, if ebene or graphite makes your heart sing then that is the right choice. can't wait to hear what you choose!
  12. Wow thanks I learnt something new. Now I have to rethink my croc requirements.;)
  13. I'm waiting for my croc far I nailed down to size 30, Red, PHW. Great thread..I'm going to learn so much for this!
  14. Is it true only Poro have the dot on each scale, I have seen a nilo also with the dot. And I asked the seller about it. The seller said some it's not true only Poro have the dot.
  15. i am in no way an exotic expert, but it was my understanding that all croc species have the "dot" or the pore - and that includes niloticus and porosus.

    crocodiulus niloticus is from africa
    crocodilus porosus is from australia - read that this is the "premier croc" but i don't think i can tell between poro and nilo to be honest with you, at least not now...

    now alligator does NOT have the pore... so the "dot" is a way of differentiating alligator from crocodile.

    if it were me... and my one and only croc... i would go for a matte graphite PHW... i choose matte because i think it can transition easily from day to night, whereas i think shiny is more night/dressy... graphite because i am obsessed with this as a neutral color and something different from basic black... and PHW also because it can be more daytime without too much bling...

    this is very exciting and good luck!!!!