Only buying at stores from now on!!! Help with lotion, please.

  1. Ok, I just ordered a face cream on eBay that I've bought at the store before. The problem is, the consistency is a lot runnier than it should be. Should I still use it? I contacted the seller about it, but am waiting for a response. I'm so annoyed I hate to have to go to the trouble to ship something back and get a refund. Honestly, I am never buying a beauty product off of eBay again!
  2. the product wasn't sealed when you received it? I'd be a bit skeptical... but on the other than, it *might* have gotten runny if it's been exposed to excessive heat... :shrugs: Either way, I wouldn't use anything I wasn't 100% sure about.
  3. Which cream is it? :O
  4. Murad Perfecting Night Cream. I am partway through one tube which I bought at the store, and found one online at a decent price and decided to buy it. The seller has good feedback does not appear to sell counterfeit items, and I checked all this out beforehand.
  5. maybe it has expired?
  6. I personally don't like buying cosmetic/skincare from eBay. Even if it is new and sealed--you don't know what types of temperatures it was stored in or if it was exposed to sunlight, etc...I hope you can get your money back and buy from a store or sephora or direct from murad. Good luck!
  7. Yeah, it was just $20 less, I couldn't pass it up and it works so well that it's worth it for me! I didn't think I could go wrong there, but I guess I did...
  8. I will not only only shop at stores, but also at established stores with lots of business. Bought my biosilk leave-in at some neighborhood place once, and it was just wrong.
  9. I was just looking at some Natura Bisse products on ebay, so I am glad I found this thread. There are tons of sample packets and thought if they were sealed it would be OK. I have never purchased cosmetics off of ebay before.
  10. I bought some Redken Guts off ebay, and it was perfect. I received two canisters, and they were less than half price, even with the shipping. The only difference was that they had the "stylist use only, not for resale" mark on it. I suppose it depends on how the product is packaged.
  11. beauty products are risky...sellers sometimes 'water them down' the case of perfumes, literally add water. with balms and creams they sometimes add a cheap moisturizer or jelly to make it go further.

    on the other hand, it could also be completely innocent...i'd just wait and see what the seller has to say.
  12. I'll buy sealed sample packs off of ebay. Never bottles, jars, tubes, etc. You just never know. I'm also leary of etailers as I've had items come w/dead bugs in them, hair and mold.

    I also stick to "real" stores now. So sorry that happened to you and hope it works out for you.
  13. I know the feeling.I bought a Dermatologica product on ebay and when i tried it my whole face started to itch.That's when i decided to just go to the store or my salon to get it.
  14. BTW I see want-to-buy ads on ebay/craigslist where people try to buy used makeup containers. They always say it's for a recycling program, but they only want expensive brands. SKETCHY. They probably are filling it with who knows what and selling on ebay...

    But some makeup on ebay taking advantage of limited sales (eg, some stuff sold only in Japan) or bulk makeup in hairdresser containers usually are fine. Some legit stores also sell online on ebay.