Only buy designer bags?

  1. So I was shopping in TJ Maxx yesterday looking at the bags. Some were very cute and cheap and I need an everyday work bag to carry all of my stuff. But I can't bring myself to buy a normal non-designer bag. Like those of you who have a wonderful collection of Chanel's, LV's, and Gucci's do you still buy non-designer purses? Anyone else like me? :shrugs:
  2. I buy what I like. My collection is diverse to say the least. For the most part I'm an EOP (Equal Opportunity Purse Buyer). The last bag I bought was a hobo international red clutch because none of my old favorites were giving me that red I was looking for. It's sitting between one of my guccis and Kooba bag.
  3. I only buy Chanel and Hermes bags. I do encourage my daughters to stick to non designer bags so they will appreciate the designer ones when they get a bit older.
  4. I have plenty of non-designers, so long as they are the size and shape and color that I am looking for, I will get them.

    But for wardrobe staples, I like to invest in designer pieces as these will last longer :P
  5. I have some older "non-designer" bags that I still hang onto for times that I don't want to risk messing up my good bags. I'm working as an off-ice stats keeper for our Charlotte Checkers hockey team. I made the HUGE mistake of taking my newer beige Prada the first night. It was a mistake because the only place to set it was on the dirty floor!! I was so worried about getting it dirty that I put some of my notepaper on the floor, then set the bag on the paper! ;)

    On Saturday night, I pulled out my older black Jones New York bag to carry. It's not a junky bag by any stretch, but everytime I got something out of it, I was SO aware at how much better my Pradas and Marc Jacobs bags are!!! I'd been feeling some twinges lately about how much I've been spending on my good bags, but after stepping back to a lesser bag, I don't feel any more twinges. The Jones NY bag WILL be my "hockey bag" with no apologies when I work games though.

    It's a good little work horse bag and won't complain about the dirty floors. :smile:
  6. LOL! :lol: Me too ... bought two more bags from Ellington yesterday while I ponder which will be my next high-end acquisition ....
  7. I notice every since my first designer purchase, I only look for designer. It could be the cutest bag and I just won't buy it unless it is couture. Sick but what can I say:shame:
  8. I stopped buying non-designer handbags since I started collecting designer handbags. If I go to places where I can get my bags dirty, I'll just bring an old designer bag.

    The quality is not the same, and I am very conscious of this fact. Therefore, I do not feel good carrying a non-designer bag around.
  9. I definitely just buy whatever I like. As long as I can tell that the bag is of reasonable quality, I'll buy it even if it costs $20 and has no brand name(as long as it's not inspired or something) and I'll carry it as proudly as my LV. :smile:
  10. I will carry anything that I like that looks unique. I carry my high end things when I need to look classy and put together, but I often will carry less expensive bags when I go out into crowds because I don't like to take risks...I have been robbed too many times.
    That doesn't mean they are "junky" bags, but I avoid logos that scream $. With suits and dresses, designer or at least higer end, but with jeans, I kind of go with the flow of whatever I am doing. I also would not go to a benefit with a bag worth more than my contribution....
  11. I buy what I like and what I know I'll use.....I don't have too many non-designer bags..but the few I have..I LOVE..and I use them..maybe not as often but some things go better with others....I still consider myself kind of bag snobby but it makes me feel better when I use everything rather than let it rot in my closet.....:heart: Emmy
  12. Yes! I recently saw a cheap, but attractive bag in a department store, but didn't buy it. I started thinking about how it would fall apart in a year, and how it would be better to put the $50 toward something better.
    I have to admit, I haven't bought any no-names for a very long time, and gave my last one away this year b/c it was so unimportant to me.
    On a recent shopping trip, the other two ladies I was with, hearing me talk about my love of bags, started waving bags in front of me at Wilson's Leather! As if!
    It makes me laugh thinking about it. They just don't get why I was not tempted at all. They would faint dead away if they knew how much I paid for my last bag.
  13. ITA! :yes: Once I got into designer, I never went back. It's a quality thing, too. Even certain "designers" I won't buy because it's not equal at all in quality. I was never really into nondesigner bags. I just see it as a waste of money. It's like buy x amount of this type of bag when that could go towards a designer one? Just my opinion. Also, I think now a days it's easier to find designer bags that you can just drag around. The LV antigua(sp?) line comes to mind. :idea:
  14. i totally agree with you purselova34 ! Esp the part about spending so much money on a type of bag when it can goes toward something much better. i always feel the purses i spend a lot on, i will always have.
    i'm so happy there are other people who think like me about purses!
  15. I think designer bags are certinly great, but we're too much preoccupied with that, really. I usually buy what I like, no matter designer or not. I also own some non-designer bags of good quality.(Plus I cannot afford to buy all the sizes and colors that I want only in designer's bags:s ). So I think you should buy a bag first of all based on your liking and taste, not on the brand name. Especially if it's something you're dragging to work every day.