Only Black Birkins Were Seen!

  1. I just got back from 2 weeks in NYC and was surprised to see only black Birkins.....what's up with that? My orange Birkin stayed home and she was sad to find out that I didn't see any other colors....:crybaby:
  2. its NYC baby! just kidding but not really. black and gold being the classics are seen frequently--then croc and then blue jean and orange.
  3. Paris can be shocking that way too. Black is the new black.

    Maybe it's the cold weather a bit, too... springtime in NYC can be a little lighter :love:
  4. Ahhh poor coldplays birkin, she would of liked to have gone to brighten things up

    Its pretty much the same in London, its sort of a uniform for business people

    BTW I love coldplay too
  5. uniform yes but not just for business people..................
  6. Black is a great winter color too!
  7. unfortunately, black is the unofficial color here in nyc!!! not to say that the black birkins were not gorgeous, RIGHT?!!!
  8. I'm sure they were! Chic, sophisticated, timeless....

    Maybe *I* need a black Birkin, too!! Break my no black bag rule. Course, it's a rule for me since I love them so much I'd probably never wear anything else... :sweatdrop:
  9. Coldplaylover, this is a partly why I replaced my 35cm Black Togo Birkin with a 35cm Black Box Calf Birkin. I'm in Manhattan on a regular basis, and adhere to the all-black uniform. I figure that at least now my Black Birkin is distinctive.
  10. YEP! It's NYC, baby and black is the uniform.....although I have to say I use my black bags all the time here and I'm in the Wild West so......hmmmm.
  11. But we all know what a trailblazer you are, D!
  12. Black is always in, and is so NYC. Too bad I look like an out of towner when I go, because I wear some COLOR!!
  13. My raisin one has been out to play!

    I once misplaced my coat check at a restaurant and had to wade through literally a sea of black coats to find mine. Twenty minutes rummaging!
  14. While I may incur the wrath of New Yorkers (and those in the NY Metro Area) for divulging our secret, the truth about wearing all black every day is that it's easy. You just reach for black stuff in your closet and it all goes together. Coat, hat, shoes, bag, umbrella, etc. all black, too. It's how we get to sleep an extra 15 minutes. Stylish, perhaps. Expedient, mais oui!
  15. i love black