only bags with that "WOW" factor...

  1. something dawned on me today. while i was at work a women walked in with this GORGEOUS HUGE denim patchwork bag. i couldn't take my eyes off of it. not really for me but i was still very drawn to it. and then i got to thinking.

    the bag is spectacular, and sometimes i just don't feel that way about my bags. don't get me wrong, i love them all to death, i think they're all adorable, and i now can't go anywhere without carrying something louis. but something now possesses me to want to save all my money and really just buy spectacular bags that make me go "WOW". ie: suhalis and probably LEs. i just wish i was farther down my "staples" list because i would LOVE to be able to focus on these bags that really make me go :nuts::wtf::drool: multiplied by 10. lol.
  2. hmmm... I would go with "focusing on the staples" first.

    I've been buying LVs for a while now and I still don't htink I have all the "essentials" yet. Even Suhali bags are still not 'over the top' for me, I still consider them as essentials for a LV collector. Once I get all of them, I'd be able to have a "base" and finally start splurging on LE.
  3. I know what you mean! This was one of the reasons I purchased both the gold and silver Miroir Lockits for that added wow and bling factor. I saw a woman carrying a super gorgeous silver Miroir Speedy many months ago and I thought if LV ever made anything Miroir again, I would go for it this time!!

    The Suhali line would definitely fit in this category. Someday that white Le Fab will be mine. Just gotta get psychologically prepared to accept that steep price tag first. Once I get to that point, I know I'm a goner. LOL
  4. i know. i want a white le fab too. thinking about a le confident, but it would mean 1 bag rather than two...the extra money spent on the other bag would be pooled with my dad's money for 1 birthday bag. otherwise i'd be getting a mini lin ebene by the end of the year too. :confused1:
  5. I totally understand you! I used to feel the same way too sometimes....Like, I'd go through this phase where I was craving for a suhali bag (le tal or lockit) which would just be so striking on its own and with a wow-factor of 10/10.

    But....common sense brought me back down to earth again as I saw myself rather buying 3 bags instead of the one tal/lockit. It totally works out for me as I can rotate around now with a collection of 6 bags (big for me!); it just depends on what and when you're going to be using them for...For now I just really like to have my LV logos on my bags, with the exception of my epi alma. Plus it's the fun that counts when you're carrying them!

    One day, however, I am definitely going to get a suhali bag, be it the le tal, le fab, or the new ones coming out!
  6. I didn't realize how special my patchwork speedy was until I got 2 comments within 5 minutes of how much my bag was loved! Both women said it was so unique and casual looking, so different. I love it even more now. I agree though that having basic bags is a must. I used to go crazy with LE I only buy what I know I'll use the hell out of.
  7. I generally prefer more understated bags, so I'm not really into the WOW factor. I prefer the classics - maybe boring to some, but that's me!
  8. I hear ya.....I think that we've all been there....

    As we find ourselves getting one beauty after another.....suddenly you feel the pull of the "spectacular" bag that you want to add.....

    For me though.....unless its for everyday...I just cannot commit to the price factor...

    The suhali line is one of those lines that combines wearability and spectacular....but...all the hardware has me hesitant....
  9. I am totally with you! I love bags with a uniqeness. Something that you don't see everyone with. IMO I rather have 2 or 3 'WOW' bags a year than buying 6 or 7 classic bags. I haven't really bought an LE LV item before and am super excited to buy my first this fall (Mirage/degrade Griet). I love carrying a bag that alot of people don't have. Thats just me though
  10. I want the blue LeFab, but have been working on staples beside 2 dentelle pieces; I have almost two of everything, but no Suhali, 2 epi, 2 MC, lots of vernis, no Suhali... but the Blue I saw in Honolulu and went lulu... but I can't accept the price tag yet and only want new...

    I get LE items from Let trade, grafitti alma pm, etc.

    A couple women on here sold all their LV and then went with just a few Hermes... it happens, especially when our bags have resale value, which is only too cool:wlae:

    nice thread, and you got some 07 loot Vuittonamour! right on, I'm tres impressed;)
  11. I love the LE stuff that louis vuitton creates.
  12. im not a wow bag person. loads of PFers rock their new lockits but i could never carry anything like that. for me its all about creating a good, well rounded essential collection.
  13. And I thought that the Multicolor line was WOW! I guess I like bags that I can take anywhere, or dress up or down. I still think that the classic mono line is timeless, and classic bags make me go WOW.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao: "in honolulu and went lulu" -- hahaaaa. i'm the same way, only want new from my SA. i do everything through her. i have one suhali piece but it's a baby one, the cheapest they make. lol. if le confident is not too big i just may splurge for that baby... i'll have to check on prices. a le tal looks similar to my l'aimable, just a much bigger version and the only other piece i'd want is a le fab which is tres expensive! lol.
  15. I Know just what you mean it only take one wow bag to trigger that then you're in trouble