Only bags or do you carry Mulberry accessories?

  1. I was swapping bags the other day and realised that I've acquired quite a few Mulberry accessories over the years - black congo cosmetics bag; black congo A5 organiser which sits on my desk and is used for work appts; small pocket black congo organiser which I use for personal appts etc.
    I have two purses - one bright red congo which I picked up in the summer sale at Shepton for £59 (total bargain!) and a brown long flap purse which I bought for £150. Their purses are really long lasting and have loads of sections.

    So are you just bag ladies or has your love of Mulberry spread into accessories too?
  2. I have wallets to go with my bags, and mulberry belts - love them! Will soon add a miniature bayswater keyring, hopefully - they are super cute! Just not sure what colour to get... I don't own any scarves or clothing, mulberry for me is all about the leather goods. Would love some more accessories, like a cosmetic bag etc, but I'm not planning to get one of these just yet - too many bags on my wishlist...
  3. I've been looking at some of their scarves and the cute bayswater keyring but currently don't own any Mulberry accessories - just my bags!
  4. I think I'm a bit of a label slut!!! Apart from the bags which I am faithful to Mulberry now, I have a Paul Smith wallet,a Cartier Panther keyring,Prada sunglasses(I actually get these bits with Capital bonds that Andy gets as part of his bonus sometimes,if it was all cash he would only waste it on man stuff!!!!) I did buy a Mulbery keyring though its a really cute little fold over photo holder with a turnlock on the front,(actually if the sa's in the Manchester shop had'nt got on my nerves I would'nt have bought it,I was showing off,and wincing inside thinking Jesus £60 quid would get me well on the way to a bag from an outlet,serves me right really!!!) Other than that I am waiting till we go to the Bicester outlet and I'll have a look for bits in there!! Can't wait!!!
  5. I must admit I went a bit mad accessorising last year. So I have a mulberry wallet, make up bag, purse, receipt wallet, organiser and keyrings. In all honesty I am glad they don't make everything or I would be broke LOL!
  6. I'm not really an accessories kind of gal (the obsession hasn't taken a complete hold yet )- irrespective of brand.
  7. I`ve just bought scorpio keyring , but I find a lot of the accessories , wallets ,purses etc reallly expensive , the new range of purses even more so,
    I would rather put the money towords a new Mulberry bag :heart:
  8. My first ever Mulberry purchase was a black cosmetic bag (the foldover clasp one). Closely followed by a black congo pocket book. Looking back, I can see that was the beginning of the slippery slope...
  9. I think if I had cash to burn I would have the cockroach keyring in black for a laugh!!!! but I am seriously thinking of a Mulberry cosmetic purse then I can ditch my TK Maxx cheapies.
  10. I've had my cosmetics bag for years and it still looks great. I use it every day and must have had it for around 10 years.