Only bag that is more difficult to get than a Hermes -- a Goyard!

  1. I had NO idea how difficult it was to get a Goyard. Maybe it's just the Goyard store in Takashimaya, but they told me that all bags (except for the "little bags") are on back order (couple of months) and it would take an additional couple of months for any special order (for painting, etc.). Forget about trying to get the white Goyard (which was of course stated in a more polite fashion by the Goyard SA) :nuts:

    Well, I guess unlike Hermes anybody can order a bag at Goyard, but still......

  2. Eh? Really? I had no idea it's that hard to get ...
  3. A trip tp Hk may help you solve your problem.:yahoo:
  4. I could have sworn I saw Tesormakati (maybe in her blog) talk about her friend getting a Goyard via her husband who came to Tokyo on a business trip. Maybe it's just me?! :shrugs:
  5. It's really easy to get over here in the U.S.. The only hard part is to get that Crown painted because they said it was only reserved for Royalty.:shrugs:
  6. thanks, Kou. That's what I thought with respect to the USA -- I think the Goyard is becoming pretty popular in Japan. I have seen it pop up in many Japanese fashion magazines.
  7. Ack! i hope it doesn't turn into another one of those brands where every other person starts carrying because the celebrities are doing it ... I mean, at the moment I like the fact that it's not very well-known ... Btw, Goyard's craftsmanship is pretty darn good. It feels more light-weight. I also like the fact that the pattern is hand-stenciled. It's also very easy to maintain. According to the sales, if you get the leather dirty, you can get it off with water alone, even if it's white leather.

    I would love to get one in pink if they come out with that color ... I mean, Goyard will be the bag to use for occasions where Hermes cannot do (i.e. going to the game where ppl are prone to spilling drinks and ketchups). Actually, if I complete my pink platoon, then I will actually use my Hermes bag for a change. I have to have a back-up for the back-up of my favorite H bag first though
  8. theres a goyard store in Hk and the have a lot of the white bags there and try milan station they sell second hand goyards too and there are a lot
  9. In order to give you some perspective where Goyard is or is trying to be, on the first floor of Takashimaya Nihonbashi there are only three boutiques: LV, Hermes and GOYARD (right by the main entrance).
    I don't know how long that Goyard boutique has been at that Takashimaya.....
  10. thequeenbee, thanks for that info!! Well, I betcha those Japanese tourists will be snapping up those white Goyards in HK.
  11. a back-up for a back-up?! Kou, your H bags will never see the light of day!!!:lol:
  12. mypeko, belated thanks for your input!
  13. Tokyogirl,
    My love of Goyard preceded my love of Hermes and I have been a collector for many years. Have you tried contacting the Paris shop for your special bag? The price (including any customs) may even be better than in Asia. I'll PM you the name of the SA in Paris.

    They can paint the crown for anyone. I think they are now limiting painting to crowns, initials and stripes, though.

    Ok, back to Hermes....!!!
  14. Not a GOYARD fan here, but with all the ppl talking about it, I may have to check it out. I'm going to HK in a few weeks, perhaps then I'll be checking it out.

    Does anyone know where I can see GOYARD in HK?
  15. Harvey Nicks. :heart:

    The photos on the Goyard and Barneys websites don't do the bags justice.