Only allowed 2 listings at a time?

  1. So I have been on eBay for years and have almost 600 feedback and are a powerseller (I sell vinyl decals), well I decided to sell some of my LV bags (currently in love with chanel) and eBay won't let me post more then 2 per 7 days? anyone else experience this?
  2. This is a common procedure for combating counterfeits and fraud on high end items, especially as its not your normal sale items. It also benefits that if your account gets hacked into they could only list 2 items!
  3. Email trust and safety, if you are a powerseller and have no red flags on your fil they will most likely lift the restriction for you
  4. I tried that and they just basically said it all over again that the items I am selling are high on the counterfitters list and that is my limit. I am bummed!
  5. Yes I had it too... AND they won't let me revise my items :cursing: what can I do? I phoned, mailed...but I always get this message that my account is limited in sales (but revising is not selling??) I makes me really mad!
  6. It happened to me, they put a limit on my account. But, I did a Live Help chat thingie and told her I am honest, go after the bad guys, blah blah blah LOL and she took my limit off.
  7. I did the live chat yesterday and she told me she couldn't help me that I had to contact the department that handles suspensions etc, so I emailed them and no reply, but today I can list more!