Only able to order certain things from JAX with PCE???

  1. I was at the coach store last week and was chatting with one of the girls there. She's not the usual SA I work with, but I asked her how many Ali's jax had in stock and in what colors. She told me, there is more than enough that I could buy one now or in a month or two, but she then said that I couldn't order the Ali with PCE. I was kinda shocked and just said ok. I didn't ask her why and I would really like to know why that is. Does anybody know?
  2. I was told by my store that PCE can only be used on the NEW Fall items excluding the Bleecker collection. I think various stores bend the rules and other stores are more strict.
  3. Hmm, well the signature stripe tote I ordered wasn't new for fall. It was new last fall. I think if I was to talk to my regular SA I could probably get it for PCE but I won't be able to get to the mall tomorrow anyway. I was just curious to know why I couldn't order the Ali with PCE.
  4. That's strange. I ordered my black Ali with the last PCE and it had been out for a year already....
  5. I ordered my black Ali this week with my PCE and it was fine. I would go back and try a different SA and see if they'll put it through for you.