Only 8 left in the world and I got one!

  1. (fixed the link, wrong picture)
  2. wow aarti, i love your collection!
  3. hmm aarti! have you been cheating on COACH latley?..hmm have you gotten the Vuitton bug?
  4. Wait...what? I don't get it?

    Oh, and if it's the Legacy wristlet, it's online on

    Aarti! I don't get it!! :sad: What did you get?!
  5. :shame: I've been bad Jadore!

    But you missy continously rock your speedy!
    I used the same picture in vuitton forum, as I like to sneak a coach goody some may have never seen and may like.. who knows, coach converts! :graucho: Haha sneaky I know!!
  6. Yup its the legacy wristlet, but its limited stock, as of the middle of the week there are 9 available. I don't know anything about the new stock so I can't say anything else, so I thought if I posted this with a "catchy" title, someone who like me let it slip both times will grab it and not have to wait, thats all.
  7. ^^Lol maybe its not that impressive, but it makes me smile. :yes:
  8. Lol aarti, totally understand. Great pics and love the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur piece. Very cute! :smile:
  9. aarti, you always have the best stuff!
  10. So your spreading teh coach love to the LV forums LOL!...well I cheated on COACH/LV last week...:s Jadore' got some Prada!
  11. I have that blue ponytail scarf, it's one of my favorites. I think it would look amazing on a LV Azur bag!
  12. Very cute- may have to buy a coach item for myself!
  13. so cute!! even though I have the flap one, I may have to get this one too ... darn it.
  14. Oh Aarti... :roflmfao: