Only 3 Zucca/Nappa Spys left on Jomashop!

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  1. I just called to make sure that the bag I ordered was in stock and she said it was and that I should get my confirmation number my tonight and that there are only 3 available!!!!!

    She said there are 11, 8 already bought(mine is included) and 3 left to if you can't make up your mind.....make it now!!!
  2. So, I guess my order is safe also. I placed it first thing this morning and it is supposed to be in process.

    I could not sleep all night worrying that they would run out of the spy, now that I had made my decision.;)
  3. Oooh i ordered mine after midnight too - I called and I'm getting mine ! phew
  4. nooooooooooooooooooooooo

    ...I can't get it until elux refunds me for a return! Wow I hadn't even made up my mind that I'd even get it then but I guess after reading this I made my decision. You think there'd be anyway to put it on hold? Gahh!!!

  5. get it on the same card that elux is refunding you on...if its charged on a card, thats why i did, i put it on my Saks mastercard so that when it charges then refund for my fake will take away some of the, i won't have as much to pay!

    i like to think i got even more of a discount than what i did get! ;)
  6. I know! I almost ordered it on impulse. I just know that they'll refund me the money a day after joma takes it out or something..I don't want that! blahh! I almost did it too..must-keep--cursor-away-from--shipping and billing--tab-at-the top-- must--resist--

    LOL I'm such a dork:blush:
  7. ^^ thanks for 'enabling' me to get it ..hehe
  8. ok i got it.
  9. Congratulations !!! This is true spy sickness.:roflmfao:
  10. Kneehi -- you made a good call! That is an awesome deal & the perfect everyday bag...:tup:
  11. i have never heard of jomashop, how do you know these bags are authentic?
  12. We know they have historically been authentic because PFers who have purchased from them have received Authentic bags. We ask the purchasers to get it Authenticated on the Authentification Thread, but so far every bag has proven to be a real Fendi.:tup:
  13. yeah..I'm glad I got it..but I'm fearing they'll tell me it was out of stock! I doubt I got it...we'll see.. :sweatdrop:
  14. I ordered one last night and just called to confirm that the order would be filled and was told that it shipped out today.
  15. wow you're lucky! I ordered last night too but they haven't even processed mine yet. I ordered from them before and they took 3 days to just process it, so I have no idea whether I got it or I'm too late. *sad*