Only 277 Days Until Christmas!!! Get

  1. I just went to and there was a little note at the bottom of the page that said...Only 277 Days Until Christmas!! :dothewave: Everyone had better get shopping so when the Christmas season is upon us we can sit back and enjoy:popcorn: :drinkup::beach: while everyone else goes :nuts: !!

    Toki gifts for everyone!! :woohoo:
  2. :graucho:

    The title was supposed to be Get Shoppping...not GET...sorry girls...I hit enter too soon :shame:
  3. Oh now you gave me something else to shop for!!!:idea:
  4. Exactly!! Stock up on toki sales to give out as Christmas gifts! It's never too early to start shopping for Christmas!! :love: :love: :love:
  5. I've thought about that...but you really save the most closer to the xmas season...i tried that whole black friday deal....not worth it..cheaper deals came up later. I guess there's still mother's day/4th of july/labor day/end of season sales to look forward to.

    Come to think of it...every since my toki obsession...I haven't really been able to update my wardrobe...I used to wear only heels- sneakers only to work out, so all my pants are longer cut and tops are more dressy. now I wear mostly flats/sneakers and have only bought a few new shorter length pants...need to shop soon b/c I feel like a mess when I leave the house or like a HS student lol- but am banning myself from non-sale items as i usually wear a top up to 3 times a year. thinking of buying a bunch of dresses so i don't need to worry about matching so much

    Sorry about the carried away lol

    back to the topic: many ppl around me aren't as crazy for lil sis, for example, saw it and just went 'oh.' My mom thinks it looks old. -don't know how... only my lil bro thinks they're sort of cool..and he buys $400 sneakers-even if they're used...crazy sneaker heads. Christmas is always a headache for me- big family- picky ppl

    Bf's birthday is coming up- he liked the canguro- thought about getting it or him, but even at 50% off he think it's too much and won't let
  6. You could be right saving the most closer to Christmas but I don't enjoy shopping too close to Christmas. I enjoy the Christmas season and relaxing and taking it all in so I like to have all my gifts purchased and wrapped by November! It makes for a much more enjoyable season. I'd rather pay a bit more and have it all done than be out with the mobs of people getting super deals but that's just me!

    I know what you mean about picky family members. My baby sister hates toki and has very expensive taste...we ended up buying her a portable xm sattelite radio last Christmas...$300!! Not too affordable!! Luckily I've turned my mom and my middle sister on to toki so they're definitely into the toki gifts...which will make this Christmas much easier for me! hehe! :graucho: Too bad my dad wouldn't be caught dead w/a toki...that would be :supacool: if I could get him to use a toki! :rochard:
  7. ^^ OMG- Im just laughing thinking about my dad rocking the tokidoki... that would be too cute though!!!
  8. haha i cant imagine my dad :rochard: any toki at all it would just look silly on him...i havent seen any guy here at all with toki :wtf: and unlike Hawaii...or other toki craze place...i hardly see toki on anyone! :shrugs: only a few ive seen since it came out..maybe all the Japanese tourists buy em all :smile:
  9. I've only seen one girl on the subway with a foresta bambinone, I gave my brother a qee- he was like 'cool, a bear-brick!'
    My dad would yell at me for getting him it, and if he knew the price would yell at me more...but he didn't have anything negative to say when he saw my zucca..
  10. I saw a tokidoki pirata gioco walking home from my last final today... the girl still had the qee in the plastic tho... I didn't find that really normal... at least not when it's still hanging on the bag and you're using it

    Anywhoo... YAY CHRISTMAS! I always start shopping early ^__^ that way I still have $$ around black friday which is great for electronics/ DVDs etc
  11. lol toki for everyone?! man i'll be too greedy n wanna keep it all for myself! but hmm..probably toki gifts for 2 friends n my aunt...that's all i know who likes toki...! lolz
  12. I'm greedy too! I want all the toki I buy for myself plus no one I know is as into it as me. I did buy my sister the nurse shirt and pen because she's a nurse so she really liked it. I'm still paying off last xmas, to early to think about this xmas :sweatdrop:
  13. I'm the GRINCH. If anybody is getting Toki it is me!! Ha! Ha! :devil:
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: Good point!! I'm still paying off the past 5 Christmases!! That's why this year I'm starting super duper early so I can actually afford the gifts I buy! :nuts:
  15. I've already started Christmas shopping! So far I've picked up gifts for my goddaughter and my cousin. I also have a pair of earrings I bought for my friend but I may give those to her for her birthday.

    I :heart: picking out the "perfect" gift for someone which is why I start shopping so early. It is so frustrating when you are looking for something and it's all sold out. I agree with TokiJen on this point, sometimes I'm willing to spend a little bit more to make sure I actually have it (whatever it happens to be).