Only 250 Murakami neverfull made in the world?

  1. :shocked: Just curious, what is the original selling price?
  2. i think its 960
  3. USD? Wow... mark up so much in eBay. Btw, we are from the same "fine" city. :graucho:
  4. My best guess is that it is fiction coz otherwise the pop up boutique would be packed up and shipped home within 5 days coz there would be nothing to sell. :smile:
  5. I think it's just one of those eBay seller things yes they are rare but I doubt it's 250
  6. Oh my gosh, can't believe that the seller make $1k profit for it :wtf::wtf:
  7. i thik it's 1040 after tax ad i doubt they would sell it onl for 1040 after tax if it's really that limited!!

    btw, any info if they sell it in NY?
    i am so craving for that bag :p
  8. i doubt :smile:

    if they only produced 250 pieces then the Murakami neverfull's price would be the same price range as the limited edition or runway bags :smile:
  9. OH Wow i love it.
  10. I doubt only went that high because, as usual, eBay sellers didn't do their homework!!!! This often seems to happen right after a new line'll sell high for about a week and then die down!
  11. uh?? pink lining?? without stripes? :wtf:
    yuck!! :push:

    I like the current traditional mono!! yum!!:tender:
  12. Mmmyeah, that plain pink lining is kinda very dull isn't it - pink on light-pink stripes would have been nice. But sky-blue with printed Murakami vines and flowers would have been much better... or anything other than pink for that matter.
    I find it odd that pink was chosen, it says something about the market Vuitton seems to be aiming the bags at - does anybody else find the pink overtly girly? :confused1:
  13. I kinda like it with the pink lining. I just always assumed the neverfull was a womans bag:shrugs::confused1:
  14. its over $2500 on ebay and the agenda was around $1200 and the rond like $500 on ebay