only 100 made..

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    Artist Kiki Smith collaborated with Coach’s head, Reed Krakoff, to create this bird, flower, butterfly and star sketched piece of art. Only 100 were made for sale.Totes are being sold at Smith’s exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art in NY for $1,300.
  2. $1300? ouch.
  3. Pretty bag...
  4. ^^I like it lots!

    The price tag I could do without.
  5. that is a pretty tote!
  6. It´s such a cute bag.
  7. It is a very pretty bag, but $1,300 ouch!
  8. That is so cute.
  9. Pretty, but pretty expensive. Does the money go to a charity?
  10. Ouch is right!
  11. I don't think I could pay that much for a tote.
  12. wow, that is a pretty steep price for that.