Only 1% of the world's LV are real?!

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  1. So I decided to randomly look up Louis Vuitton on wikipedia, and according to them, only a little over 1% of the world's Louis Vuitton are authentic. Not sure how much truth there is to that but the whole concept of there being that many fakes out there just makes me sad:s .

    Louis Vuitton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  2. It's true
    And it is very sad.
  3. every 100 LV you see, only 1 is real..... But I see LV everyday on my way to way.... hmmmm... I wonder...
  4. Wikipedia is not very reliable IMO.
  5. I think there's more than 1%. Wikipedia is not exactly very reliable
  6. ITA :yes:
  7. i have to agree with the others, Wikipedia is not the most reliable source. it's like saying all left-handed people are socially inept.
  8. Whaaaa! :wtf:

    If that is true, then that is really sad. :sad:

    Grrrrr .... I hate fakes, they ruin the whole fun of having a real LV. :hysteric:
  9. Wikipedia can be edited by any average Joe off the street, therefore, it is incredibly doubtful that this figure is correct. I could go on there and write that all the LV sold on Canal Street is real. I'd like to see the source of the statistics.
  10. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, but it has a good amount of registered users/contributors to ensure that no ridiculous changes to articles stay up. As for the percentage listed, it's very hard to tell exactly how many fakes are on the market, because counterfeiters aren't on the up and up and therefore don't publish stats, but I can guess that percentage is probably fairly accurate.

    Just a point of correction on the language used on this thread (sorry my pet peeve). The article claims that only one percent of those items that carry the LV logo are real, not that one percent of all the world's LVs are real. I don't consider fakes to be "LV", and I don't think many of you do, either.
  11. I went downtown Chicago yday and it was sad that i saw mono speedy everywhere and rarely any of them is real.
  12. Such the other tPFers said, I'm happy since my LV authentic and I pretty sure about it ;) but the article show us so sad fact
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